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Faversham News Report Misleading

We must point out that a claim made in a report in the Faversham News (12 June), about the removal of the Brents Community Association and the Faversham Creek Trust from the Neighbourhood Plan steering group, is misleading.

The report says that Nigel Kay, who chairs the steering group, wanted a meeting with the chairmen of both groups, Christopher Wright and Angela Simmons, but that Professor Wright refused. This implies that he was unwilling to discuss the matter. In fact what Professor Wright wanted was an open discussion there and then, with an explanation of the grounds for excluding the groups, rather than a closed meeting on some future date.

Mr Kay refused to allow further discussion at the steering group meeting, and proposed a private meeting, but not until the end of the month (since he said it would require the presence of the Town Clerk, Jackie Westlake, who is on holiday).

The BCA and the Creek Trust felt that the matter could not be left on hold, so Professor Wright invited Mr Kay to meet informally with himself and Mrs Simmons at an earlier date. After several exchanges of emails, Mr Kay notified Professor Wright that he and Councillor John Coulter would be available for a meeting at the Mayor’s Parlour at 8pm on 10 June, and the meeting accordingly took place.

Dinghy Race – Sunday 15 June

Dinghy Race – Sunday 15 June
2.30 pm – Creek Basin

Please wish for good weather and a fair wind on Sunday 15 June, when we’ll be holding the second Dinghy Race in the Basin. Come and watch the start from the green by the Bridge, and follow the race along the footpath to Flood Lane.

We had to do more than wish to make sure it happens – Kent Highways were going to close the Bridge that day in order to repair the surface! Fortunately we were able to persuade them to postpone the closure to the following Sunday.

June Tea and Talk
Dr Pat Reid
The Archaeology of the Creek

Join us in the Fleur Hall, Gatefield Lane, on Tuesday, 24 June at 2.30 pm for a talk about the archaeology of the Creek, followed by tea and delicious cakes.

July Events

The Purifier Building will be open for the first three Saturdays in July, as part of the Faversham Society’s Open House Scheme.

On Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 July we will be supporting the Kent Sail Association’s Nautical Festival on Town Quay and Front Brents.

How to have your say on the future of Faversham Creek

The Town Council’s Faversham Creek Neighbourhood Plan has reached the Consultation Stage of the Pre-Submission Draft Plan. This is the opportunity for every resident in Faversham to have their say about the future development of many sites along the Creek.

The Town Council has an exhibition this Saturday afternoon, 7 June, from 1.30 pm to 5.30 pm in the Assembly Rooms, Preston Street. They are also holding a drop-in event at The Vaults in Preston Street on Wednesday, 11 June from 7 pm to 10 pm, and a Market Stall on Saturday, 21 June from 10 am to 4 pm. We encourage you to visit one of these events and study the Draft Plan.

You can see the printed draft plan at the Library or by contacting the Town Clerk, and also online at
You will find a link to the Town Council’s questionnaire here too, and we urge you to fill it in with your views before the deadline of 5 pm on Monday 30 June.

We have a different vision for the Creek, which will regenerate our maritime heritage as well as providing many of the other things that the town needs, including footpaths, community facilities and housing. We have joined with the Brents Community Association and BMM Weston to create an exhibition which shows some of these ideas.

Many members of Faversham Creek Trust were among the 506 people who came to our Private and Public Exhibitions last Friday and Saturday in the Alexander Centre, and many contributed to the 281 completed questionnaires which will enable us to analyse your views and wishes. We will publish the results once the consultation period ends.

You can see some of the responses to our exhibition in this video on Youtube:

For those of you who were not able to come last weekend, we have moved our exhibition to the Purifier Building in Morrisons car park, and we are opening it to the public every Saturday morning in June from 10 am to 1 pm. Please come, and bring your friends, family and neighbours!

We will be happy to arrange special visits at other times for groups of people who cannot come on a Saturday morning, for example school groups or local business owners. Please email us ( ) with a phone contact and we will call you to arrange a suitable time and date.

Our exhibition displays some ideas about how the maritime heritage of the Royal Port of Faversham could be revived and enhanced, with space for repairing and restoring traditional vessels, moorings and storage space for boats. We plan to dredge the Basin (and continue dredging the Creek), and have an opening bridge with gates and sluices to control the water flow again. We will restore the wharves alongside BMM Weston for moorings and boat repairs.

Our vision includes workshops, skilled jobs, education and training, community facilities, a ‘living museum’, and the opportunity to make our town a much greater attraction for visitors who will bring money to the town. It also includes almost as many residential units as the Town Council’s plan, but ours will be homes to suit local people, mainly houses rather than apartments, with a large percentage of them being affordable – and they will not be on the flood plain beside the Creek, so they will not prevent the revival of our maritime heritage.

If you care about the future of Faversham, how it will look and feel for your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren, please take the time to visit the exhibitions and make your views known by completing the Town Council’s questionnaire, and also ours.

You can find most of the information displayed in our exhibition on this website:

and complete our questionnaire online here:

You can complete our survey from the link on this website, or print it and deliver it or post it to:

The Purifier Building
Morrisons Wharf
ME13 7DY

Don’t miss this chance to shape the future of our Creek and our town for generations yet to come.


When you have read the alternative ideas put forward by the Alliance, [BMM Weston, Brents Community Assoc and this Trust],  it is vital that you complete the Town Councils Official Questionnaire which may be found here;

It is the result of this questionnaire that will be used to modify the Draft Plan

You can find the links to the documents displayed at the Alliance exhibition on Saturday, and our short Survey, here;

This exhibition will be on display at the Purifier Building in Morrisons car park every saturday till the end of June, so if you have any questions, please do  come along and talk to us.

The Creek Plan Questionnaire

The Town Council’s Creek Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has prepared a draft Plan for Faversham Creek. Residents are now being asked to comment on the contents. We are invited to fill in a questionnaire, and the responses will determine the fate of all the key sites along the waterfront. At present the Plan is essentially to allow the building of houses at all the key sites which up to now have been classified as industrial.

We don’t believe this qualifies as ‘regeneration’. Waterfront housing is luxury housing that does not meet local needs, and it doesn’t take many houses to make other uses impossible. The Plan needs a clearer vision about what the Creek is for: there are alternatives that we believe are more productive, and which build on the Town’s maritime heritage to enhance local skills, training for young shipwrights, industry, employment, tourism, leisure and recreation.

You can find out more at our exhibition in the Alexander Centre tomorrow Saturday (31 May) and also at the Purifier Building every Saturday morning in June.

Whether people agree or disagree, we believe that it is vital that everyone has their say. It will determine the future of the area and once decided, there will be no going back. If you have access to the internet you can fill in the questionnaire on-line at  as well as review the Plan and the Evidence Base.

Otherwise you can get a paper copy at (a) the West Faversham Community Centre between 4 and 8 pm on Friday 30 May (b) the Steering Group’s Exhibition in the Assembly Room, Preston Street between 1.30 and 5.30 pm on Saturday 7 June, and (c) at other events advertised in the leaflet recently distributed by the Town Council, or from the Town Clerk at the Alexander Centre.

The questionnaire is 18 pages long, but don’t despair.. Apart from filling in your name and address at the beginning, you might like to focus on

Question 2: Do you support the Plan as drafted?

Question 3, which is about the ‘balance between commercial and residential’ (note there is no reference to amenity or leisure and you may want to comment on this)

Question 4, which is about the need for an opening bridge

Questions 15 to 24, which are about the specific sites, the core of the Plan.

You should also take the opportunity to visit the Drop-In events and Exhibition organised by the Town Council, at various sites around the town over the next few weeks, at which you will be able to talk to members of the Steering Group.

The deadline for submission of completed questionnaires is 30 June, so there is plenty of time to look at the proposals and think about your responses. Do please come to see us if you are concerned about any of these issues, or need more details. You can also contact us through this website.

This post is published on behalf of the Brents Community Association & the Faversham Creek Trust

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As you will have appreciated we are in the midst of a critical phase of the Faversham Creek Neighbourhood Plan and the Trust is particularly concerned to ensure that all, especially members, are kept as up to date as possible with developments throughout the consultation period.

To that end the Trust would urge you to please click on the Subscribe button in the Left Hand Column. This which will ensure that you are automatically notified every time a new posting appears on the website.

In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you at the exhibition we are holding on the Draft Plan at the Alexander Centre throughout Saturday, 31st May. We also recommend that you visit the exhibition before completing the all important questionnaire published by the Faversham Creek Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.



The future of Faversham Creek in Your Hands Now


The Graveny Boat by Dr Charles Turner Tues 27th

On Tuesday 27th May,

Dr Charles Turner will give the talk on the


an Anglo-Saxon clinker built boat which is over 1,000 years old.

In the Fleur de Lys Hall, Gatefield Lane.

Usual format, Talk at 2.30 and Tea and cakes after, donations kindly accepted towards the costs of the hall etc.


Neighbourhood Plan Public Consultation – 19th May – 30th June 2014

The consultation on the pre-submission draft of the Town Council’s Faversham Creek Neighbourhood Plan starts today (19 May) and runs for six weeks until 30 June.

The plan, with details of consultation events and how to respond, can be found here.

It is vital to the future of the Creek that everyone makes the effort to look at the proposals and complete the Survey. This is the last chance to affect the outcome of the Neighbourhood Plan.


Quiz for the Nautical Festival 22nd May

Nautical Festival fundraise quiz 22 may 2014