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TALK at the FLEUR Thursday 21st




THURSDAY 21 MAY 2015 at 7 for 7.30 pm
The Fleur Hall, Gatefield Lane

Faversham has a very long and fascinating history. This is a special year for our town, with the Magna Carta 800 celebrations.

Our history stretches back centuries before the Magna Carta, as well as centuries after it. Our town was first settled around the Creek, and our maritime heritage is still a significant influence on the whole town.

Join us for a swift journey through time, as Dr Pat Reid shows us ten objects which tell something important about the story of Faversham Creek.

Whilst Admission is free – and Refreshments are available, we rely on donations to cover the cost of the hall and refreshments. as well as raise some funds for the Trust.

At present, as you may know, we are raising funds for the balance of the outstanding capital required to ensure that the replacement Bridge will be an OPENING BRIDGE.

“Swing the Bridge” At The India Royal


Come and join us for a curry at the India Royal,16 East Street Faversham and raise money for “Swing the Bridge”

Image (41)Image (42)

Basin Dredging Licence Application Public Consultation

The application to the Marine Management Organisation for the licence to dredge the Basin, is now out for public consultation. There are links below to the main documents; the details of the application and two supporting documents written by our consultants, after lengthy discussion with the Environment Agency, supporting the application.

A file of these documents is lodged in the Faversham Library

Marine Licence Application for Faversham Creek Basin

Water Framework Directive compliance

Ecological Technical Note

If you wish to comment on this application, you can write or email to;

Kevin Marley BSc (Hons), Licensing Case Officer, Marine Licensing Team

Her Majesty’s Government – Marine Management Organisation

Lancaster House, Hampshire Court, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE4 7YH

Tel: 0191 3762697, Fax: 0191 376 2681

The Royal Yachting Association is a consultee to the MMO and circulates all the local marine organisations and clubs, and has already received supporting correspondence from the Medway Swale Boating Association.

If anyone has any queries or would like further information, please write to us using CONTACT US at the top of the page.

If you support the plans, then please do tell the MMO.


Come along and take a look at the variety of plants for sale and support Faversham “Swing the Bridge” Appeal as well!
Saturday 2nd May – 92 Abbey Street , Faversham – 10am-2.30pm
We look forward to seeing you!
Photo’s: Griselda Mussett.G's begonias G's plants

Swing the Bridge Fund Poster and Gift Form

Swing the Bridge PosterIf you want to help, Download this poster here, and print and display;

Swing the Bridge Poster;  Swing the Bridge Poster

Also the Donation and Gift form;

Swing the Bridge Gift form;  Swing the Bridge Gift form

“Swing the Bridge” Community Fundraising Launched

The community fundraising “Swing the Bridge” Appeal was formally launched at an event on Monday evening at The Old Wine Vaults Faversham. £125,000 must be raised by 1st October 2015 to build a swing bridge which will allow the regeneration of the Creek basin. Members of the Faversham Creek Trust, the Faversham Society and the Brents Community Association came together to show their commitment to raising this target.

Mark Dance, KCC Cabinet Member for Economic Development said “It has been a great pleasure to be Chairman of the Faversham Swing Bridge Committee, and I have witnessed full support from everyone who sits around the table and will continue to drive this project forward.

However, what I have witnessed tonight is nothing short of amazing. This is about the organisations, the individuals and ex-bargemen and traditional boating folk.

The group I met tonight have assured me of their full support in raising the gap of £125,000 to make this project happen.

I have told everyone in the room ‘we’re gonna build a bridge’”


Chris Wright, Chairman of the Faversham Creek Trust said “It was an enormous pleasure to see the three groups – the Brents Community Association, the Faversham Society, and the Creek Trust – affirming their commitment to work together to achieve the funding target of £125,000 to build the swing bridge. We value the support of the Kent County Council to achieve the aim of bringing the Creek back to life. We are all confident of success.”

Hilary Whelan, secretary of the Brents Community Association, said: “For people in the Brents and North Preston, the bridge and the area around it are an important part of our environment, our everyday lives. The Creek is a huge potential asset for our area, if only we can bring it back to life, with boats in the basin – we want barges and traditional boats, but we also want dinghies and rowing boats and other small craft, and things to do for all kinds of people of all ages. For that we need a better bridge, a working bridge, and this is why we’re happy to work in partnership with the Faversham Society and the Creek Trust in this big community fundraising effort.”

Mike Frohnsdorff, Chairman of the Faversham Society said “We pledge the support of the Faversham Society’s 1100 members and of the shop and Heritage Centre in Preston Street towards achieving the targeted total for the Bridge Fund. The co- operation of the three organisations augurs well for the future of Faversham and the preservation of its heritage and environment”.

Queenborough Harbour Marina Reinstated after Consultation

After a public consultation and 70 Objections to the complete removal of the original Marina plan in favour of more houses, SBC reconsidered and reinstated an option for a Marina;

  • 􏱊  the majority of respondents wanted the adoption of the Alternative Marina Creek Plan by Messers Orpin, MacDonald and Bell; and
  • 􏱊  in the light of this, it is proposed that the Masterplan Addendum is altered to show the area to the south of the Creek as safeguarded for future Creekside leisure, commercial and open space uses. This leaves open the possibility of the Alternative Marina Creek Plan being implemented once the promoters gain funding for their scheme

Just shows what can be achieved by pushing back…

see; queenborough-and-rushenden-indicative-revised-land-use-plan-addendum-to-2010-adopted-masterplan