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Revised Articles of Association and New By-laws

A revised set of Articles of Association and a new set of By-Laws were adopted by the Board of Trustee/Directors on the 18th March. The revisions to the Articles are minor and technical.

The new By-Laws formally establish the different classes of membership of the Trust, the duration of membership and the determination of membership fees.

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and now the film…

SIX at the HCA Awards……

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Creek Plan Steering Group Tues 25th March

The Neighbourhood Plan steering group will consider the first draft of the Neighbourhood Plan at a meeting on TUESDAY 25 MARCH, at 7:00pm in the Guildhall.

When completed, this will be the “pre-submission” draft, which is scheduled to go out to public consultation in the early summer.

The document which the steering group will be reviewing is in two sections, which can be seen on the Neighbourhood Plan website: general policies and individual sites. (The finished version will have photographs and maps which are not yet available, and there will be a second document containing background information for reference.)

The red/green colours in the document indicate where alternative options have been proposed, or text which might or might not be included. It will be for the steering group to decide whether a choice of options will be included in the draft that goes out to consultation.

The Business Case for Faversham Creek

The Outline Business Case for the repair and maintenance of traditional vessels in Faversham Creek. A report by Philippa Dickenson and David Irons.

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This report shows that Faversham has a unique opportunity to become a maritime centre again, taking advantage of a shortage of quayside mooring and dry dock capacity around the wider Thames Estuary,  lost in the south-east generally, to waterside housing development. It emphasises the viable use of the  capacity for larger vessels in the upper basin, and that income from moorings is significant and profitable.

This report also fills the large gap in the evidence base of the nascent Neighbourhood Plan being developed by the Town Council and its Steering Group; the need for a proper economic appraisal of the Creek had been ignored completely and a presumption made in favour of cramming more housing right up to the waters edge; it provides the sustainable element missing from the proposals and implies the need to leave room for business to develop; business that will also result indirectly in increased tourism in Faversham.

Exclusive Housing is an easy lazy exploitation of a social asset, the Creek, the Unique Selling Point, allowing speculative developers to walk away with the elevated one time profits. No affordable housing here; possibly a public footpath.

None of the previous or existing successful creekside businesses could have succeeded without the availability of space at a fair commercial price. That resource will disappear forever if we fail to recognise the importance of the wider market and business potential, to the detriment of the future of the Creek and the Town.

As the report says: ‘There could well be a highly positive marketing opportunity for the Town from the presence of more historic vessels in the Creek…There is also potential for the cross-supply of customers and services between various local businesses, allowing for investments in specialisms for both skills and technology’…

Faversham Creek Trust has already contributed by making affordable space available to two maritime businesses, and developing a training scheme for shipwright apprentices. Let us hope that others will interpret this report intelligently, and make the concessions that will ensure that the Creek Plan succeeds for all.        Editor.


A Talk by Dr Paul Wilkinson on the archaeology of the Creek

 Tuesday 25 March 2.30 – 4.30
Fleur Hall, behind Faversham Society in Gatefield Lane

Tea and cake too!
Also learn more about the Creek and its future, and give us your ideas?

3 Volunteers Needed

We have three Volunteer positions vacant:

One is to be our Assistant Volunteer Co-ordinator, helping find people to manage our popular events. This a vital role as we are always looking for more volunteers so that the various events and activities do not always call on the same people. Also, there is a pool of volunteers who need to be contacted and kept up to date with events and new volunteers recruited either for the pool or for specific roles. This is a continuous role, and needs two people at the helm to ensure that it is covered.

The second role is to be our Librarian/Archivist, managing our expanding valuable collection of reference books, periodicals, maps etc.

The third is an Admin Assistant to the Purifier Building Management Team, keeping a track of orders, deliveries and invoices; H&S documentation, the list goes on and will increase with time. Probably needs about an hour a day at present, based in the office in the Purifier.

If you or anyone you know who might be interested in these important roles, please get in touch through this website;


BCA EA 270214poster

The Brents Community Association represents residents in the area most badly affected by the flooding during the tidal surge of December 6, with some homes so badly damaged that it will be months before the owners can return. “People in our area obviously have a lot of questions to ask,” said Angela Simmons, chair of the Association. “But the meeting isn’t just for our members. We know that many others are concerned about plans for the future, and we want to give everyone a chance to hear what the Environment Agency has to say.”

If anyone would like to attend but doesn’t have transport, the organisers will do their best to arrange lifts – email; or leave a message on 07857042525.

Sham Fever in the Guildhall 22nd February


Film and Photography will feature in this one-day interactive art and cinema event in Faversham’s Guildhall on 22nd February.

Sham Fever is a unique opportunity for visitors to play and experiment with photographs, video and sounds of Faversham using a range of projection technologies, including OHPs, Digital and 16mm.

The event is free, open to all and local artists will be on hand to help.

Activities include selecting, viewing and layering film and footage, cutting up images and drawing on OHPs and playing and recording sounds.

The event is organised by artists interested in encouraging participation in the arts within the local community.

One of the organising artists John Dargan said, “It’s a fun day where people can experiment with technologies and play with films and photos in a big space.”

There will be images of Faversham past and present to project in the Guildhall. Visitors are also invited to bring in their own films and photographs to add to the mix.

Trish Scott added, “It will be an exciting new way of seeing Faversham and exploring the towns history. We hope participants will experience Faversham in a new light.”


For FUTURE EVENTS always check in FUTURE EVENTS under MORE PAGES in the left hand column
Local resident Peter Kennett does fascinating talks about local history, illustrated with slides from his collection of over 4000 old postcards and photographs.
On 4 FEBRUARY he’ll be doing a special show about Faversham Creek – it’s organised by the Brents Community Association, but everyone’s welcome, not just members.
There are two shows, at 3pm and 7:30pm, in the Club Room at the Brents Tavern, Upper Brents, Faversham ME13 7DR. Entry £2 at the door.If you want to know more about the life and times of the Creek, and maybe something about flooding in the past, go along to the show

Saturday 8th February

Westbrook drop-in poster

Spring 2014
Talks about Faversham’s Maritime Heritage

Keep the last Tuesday afternoon of the month free to come to these social and informative events. They are being held at

The Fleur de Lys Hall, Gatefield Lane, Faversham
From 2.30 to 4.30 pm
Date Event
Tue 28 Jan Tea with the Trust – a social event
Tue 25 Feb The Conservation Area and the Creek
– Ray Harrison
Tue 25 Mar Archaeology and the Creek
– Dr Pat Reid
Tue 22 Apr Traditional Vessels of Faversham Creek
– Hugh Perks
Tue 27 May The Graveney Boat –
Charles Turner

These events are free, but there will be an exit collection to pay for the Fleur de Lys Hall and contribute to our fund raising.


Saturday 12 April     Quiz Evening    

Sunday 15 June         Dingy Race   

Sat 12 – Sun 13th July     Faversham Nautical Festival [KSA Event]

Friday  26  September       Barn Dance

Saturday 8th November         Oyster & Champagne Supper Dance




Our best wishes go especially to those who have suffered from the recent floods, and we hope that you were able to enjoy Christmas enough to face your restorations with new energy.

This Trust is here for the long term and must look as far into the future as we dare. There is light at the end of the immediate tunnel, and as long as we persevere and keep a steady helm, we will arrive at that position from where we can more clearly see and concentrate on the future, knowing that it is based upon a good and accepted plan for the future of the whole creek.

Unfortunately, these occasional extreme events may become an increasingly dominant fact of life in the future; the probability of an increasing frequency of severe weather [low pressure and northerly winds] developing extreme sea conditions in the North Sea and coinciding with big  tides, to generate bigger surges, is already being planned for by government agencies; even the possibility of a new Thames Barrier, down stream from the existing barrier, which will certainly exacerbate the local risk of flooding. 

But with so much human and financial misery resulting from the recent floods and the fact that they will happen again, and again, raises the question; why are the current proposals for the Creekside ignoring this issue as if it was insignificant.

You may be aware that there is a plan for the defence of the shoreline for the whole of the UK, known as the Shoreline Management Plan – SMP, and the SMP for Faversham is shown below;

SMP Fav-Nagden E424

Hold the Line means exactly what it says; the line of the existing flood defences will be maintained, or changed to meet changing conditions, ie improved. The Indicative Realignment Location here is actually the same as the Current Shoreline on this chart.

For further reading about the Shoreline Management Plan see;

However, it is interesting to note that the map published by the Environment Agency showing the extent of the possible flooding, does not reflect the aims of the SMP. It is difficult to understand what the connection is, if any, or what our expectations should be. Is any of this actually worth the paper it is written on.

Fav Creek Flood Map 17Dec13There also appear to be a number of anomalies with this map, not least that it differs from anecdotal memories of the recent event. So we will investigate this and publish a fuller explanation in due course.

Suffice it to say, it is difficult to understand how any future plan for the Creek can seriously propose to develop residential housing in a FLOOD PLAIN regardless of any nifty bureaucratic changes to the rules.