Faversham Creek Trust is a Registered Company

Faversham Creek Trust is an independent, non-political, not-for-profit community enterprise, set up to ensure the future of Faversham Creek as a working waterway for the benefit of the town of Faversham. Socially driven, the Trust uses business means to achieve maximum benefit for the community. All our members are unpaid volunteers.

To achieve this, Faversham Creek Trust is registered as a Private Limited Company; Company no. 7667130. The Trust’s constitution is based on a charity, and it may become a registered charity in the future.

The Trust’s objects are specifically restricted to the following:

1.     To secure for the benefit of the public the preservation and use of the historic Faversham Creek as a traditional maritime waterway.
2.     To assist in the preservation of the listed buildings along the Faversham Creek waterfront
3.     To secure for the public benefit apprenticeships, training and jobs in traditional boat building and repair skills
4.     To promote and foster for the public benefit a wide knowledge and understanding of the archaeological, historical and architectural significance of Faversham Creek as a maritime waterway and traditional boatbuilding and boat repair site

If you wish to register as a supporter of the Trust, please contact us by email at info@favershamcreek.com.

If you would like to get email notification of updates to this blog click the ‘sign me up’ button on the top right of this page. Click on the newsletter to read that.

If you wish to write to the Trust, the address is;

Faversham Creek Trust
Fleur de Lis Heritage Centre
10-13 Preston Street
Faversham : Kent
ME13 8NS


2 responses to “Faversham Creek Trust is a Registered Company

  1. richard matthewman

    Let me know what I can do to help

    and by the way, your link – info@favershacreek.com – didn’t seem to work and may need looking at…


    • Richard,
      Thanks, I will add you to the mailing list.
      The Faversham Creek Trust email address is info@favershamcreek.com. Somehow the ‘m’ was dropped off.
      Have you read the Favershamcreektrust.com and Standardquay.com blogs.
      The best help you can give at present is to respond to SBC by 24th. The hard part, depending on what you already know, is reading up the available docs.
      Bob Telford
      for FCT

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