Preparation by Swale Borough Council of an Area Action Plan Development Plan Document for Faversham Creek

This is a call to all supporters of the FCT and anyone who wants to ensure that the Creek has an acceptable future.
Read the Tony Fullwood report and write your views to the address below. In particular look at the negative approach to the Basin, the Bridge, Gates, and Sluicing of the Creek.

Consultation in respect of a report by Tony Fullwood Associates entitled:
‘Developing proposals and future planning policy options to deliver regeneration of the Creek area.’
In May 2010 an independent consultant, Tony Fullwood, was appointed to take the work forward to:
• Undertake feasibility and viability work building on the earlier Urban Initiatives Report;
• Advise on development options for the Creek Area; and
• To provide advice on the most appropriate planning route to achieve the regeneration objectives for the Creek Area

This report was published in November 2010 and some comments on its contents have been received by the Council. Actually, serious criticism, and in particular, the critique by Anne Salmon on behalf of the Creek Consortium itself, an SBC sponsored group, and published at the Consortium AGM in March.

The document is now being put out for a final consultation period. This will be the last chance for people to comment on the plans for Faversham Creek before a formal publication stage later this year. Comments must be received by 24th June.

The document is now available to view.
A printed copy has been placed at the Faversham District Office, the Alexander Centre, Preston Street and at Faversham Library, Newton Road, and on the internet at:
Please send comments to Natalie Earl, Planning Policy, Swale House, East Street, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME10 3HT or by email, to
This consultation forms part of Regulation 25 of The Town and Country Planning (Local Development) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2008.


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