Comment by Nova Coombs

Both my husband and I have lived in Faversham for 33 years, with our two children spending all their young lives here.  When they were small we sometimes sat outside “The Albion” on a summers evening, often with family and friends, and the conversation always got around to “It would be great if the basin was dreged and barges could be moored here along with a range of other boats”.  Well, we are still saying the same now as the “housing developers”  are slowly moving in.  Restoration work on many of the old buildings look good but too high a concentration of new build could damage the creekside and there could end up being no creek.
A neighbour of ours, now nearly 90, lived as a child for a time at “The Albion”.  His grandmother owned the pub and brewed the beer.  He has seen many changes in Faversham during his lifetime but conservation and improvement of the creek looks stuck like the mud in it.  It is such as asset to Faversham.  I am looking forward to the day when the talking about it stops and the doing  something about it starts.
Nova Coombs


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