Faversham Creekside Proposals – Let us know what you think

The Town Council’s Creekside Streetscape proposals will be available for public inspection this Saturday 10 March on a stall in Faversham Market, from 9am to 4pm.

This is part of the Faversham Creek Neighbourhood Development Plan, and this is the first public ‘consultation’ to be made as part of that project.

It is very important therefore, that all those with an interest in the future of the Creek and the Creekside, take the opportunity to look at what they are proposing, and make your views known to the Council.

However, the Trust will be making a formal response to these proposals, and it needs to reflect the views of its members; therefore we want all members and supporters of the Faversham Creek Trust to let us know what your responses are to these Creekside proposals.

So please do go and look at the plans and drawings, make your response to the organisers, and then

Please let us know what you think

You can do this either by email to Roger Ely rogerely@hotmail.co.uk, or in a letter to Roger Ely, Faversham Creek Trust ℅ Faversham Society at the Fleur de Lis, Preston St.

The display may be moved into the Guildhall if it rains; also the display will be continued in the Faversham Library, from Monday 9th March till 19th March.

We look forward to hearing your views, and thank you for your continued support.

Griselda Mussett – Chairman.

Important Diary Date:

Faversham Creek Consortium AGM

Monday 26th March

in the Alexander Centre.

The proposed agenda includes updates on: the gates, sluices and dredging work; the swing bridge; the Vanguard Project and Creekscape; and an item on the ‘future vision’.

Please do try to attend to hear what they are planning, and use the opportunity to ask questions.


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