We have taken a necessary change of tack in our funding strategy. The Heritage Lottery Fund bid did not after all go through in its first application. This is of course disappointing but the competition for these funds are tighter now than ever; in this case HLF received applications for £10million with a pot of only £3million.

We are now drawing together a much wider bid to give it a longer term and more of a revenue focus. This has led us to also reconsider the timing for the Interreg submission this June with many of its outcomes mirroring the HLF project activities.

Funding activity is now refocused towards a big push on more traditional fundraising avenues in the short term with new bids being prepared to a range of funders, working towards resubmission to both HLF and Interreg 5.

The advantage for the Trust is that the building work is now released from the time restrictions which would have applied had the funding been granted. We are now free to take this window of opportunity to go ahead with immediate essential repairs on the roof and to  enable us to press on with plans to put the apprenticeship scheme into action.

Apprenticeship Scheme
We have been successful in our application to the Hedley Trust to accept the Trust’s apprenticeship scheme as a continuation of the initial Standard Quay scheme.  They have tranferred £47,500 paid over three years to continue with the development of the project. Hedley Trust is a charity which supports apprenticeships and training for young people. Thank you, Hedley Trust! and thanks of course to the Standard Quay Scheme for setting it all in motion!!

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