Saturday 5th May – Creek Plan Exhibition

Vanguard Neighbourhood Planning Project

at the Alexander Centre 9.30 to 4.00 pm

This a major part of the Neighbourhood Plan consultation process that will result in a referendum in 2013.

Go and see what is happening and make your views count.  Talk to the people involved.  Members of the Vanguard Committee will be there to explain and listen to your opinions.

It is important that you give your views about what you want, like and don’t like about the ideas and plans for the Creek that are being worked on now.

More homes? Footpaths around the Creek? Getting the Bridge and Gates to work? Clearing the Basin? Creating more employment? More play areas?

The Vanguard Project is Faversham Town Council working with the Faversham Creek Consortium, local Swale councillors, the Faversham Society and Faversham Municipal Charities.


One response to “Saturday 5th May – Creek Plan Exhibition

  1. Mrs Jessie Fermor

    Its time for the creek to be brought back to life.This would be a great help to Faversham,it would bring people to the area which would therefor help trade.The whole creekside could be beautiful and enjoyed by everyone.It would also make employment .

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