Comment by 18th May on Ordnance Wharf Development Proposal

This block of flats is proposed for Ordnance Wharf in the Creek Basin. It shows its scale relative to the adjacent Purifier building. The Trust is opposed to this development and is objecting for the reasons below;

Making good use of the Upper Creek Basin is an important part of current plans to regenerate Faversham Creek, contrary to Fullwood, and this proposed building is sited at its focal point.  What happens at this site will therefore set the direction of future development within the area.

Currently under development is the Purifier building, and due to commence in 2013 is our project to create jobs, stimulate re-emerging marine industries unique to Faversham, and  build on local heritage and stimulate tourism.

Residential development, especially such as this proposal, directly conflicts with the potential for regeneration with employment focused projects in the Basin.  Specifically, this proposal should be rejected because

  • It conflicts with the heritage and regeneration aims of the still current Area Action Plan AAP2;
    SBC …..  will specifically encourage the regeneration of the creek basin for commercial and tourism purposes, including use of the basin and its wharfage for historic craft. Planning permission will not be granted for proposals that would result in the loss of land or buildings suitable for employment uses ….
  • The proposed land use conflicts with the neighbouring sites around the upper basin, which are exclusively industrial or commercial.
  • It compromises the future of the Purifier project by competing for essential moorings within the narrow part of the creek between the two buildings. This is the only way  in and out for materials and finished work, and for craft to lie alongside for repair.
  • It compromises the future of the Purifier project by the juxtaposition of incompatible residential and industrial activities.  Complaints of disturbance by future residents could effectively shut down the Apprentices School planned to open in 2013.
  • The space allocated for a museum or other marine associated community use is so small as to be of no significant value as planning gain for the community and likely to be seen as a security risk by the residents.
  • This plan, design and development has been rejected twice before, the last time to await the final Creek Plan; this does not yet exist. The referenced Fullwood Report is not official planning policy and has been discarded by the Vanguard Neighbourhood Project in favour of the original Urban Initiatives report.

If you have a view on this proposal, then it is important that you write, Quoting Application Ref SW/12/0490 Case No.11833.      by the 18th May   to

Swale Borough Council PLANNING dept.  fao Claire Dethier,  Swale House, East St, Sittingbourne, ME10 3HT.    –     or EMAIL to


2 responses to “Comment by 18th May on Ordnance Wharf Development Proposal

  1. Keith Meredith

    Do they really think that it blends in with the surrounding area. I fact I cant think of anywhere that it would look good, its just ugly. I think these people live in a fantasy world and are so involved with their profession they cant see how it realy looks.

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