Faversham Town Council Rejects Application

Faversham Town Council voted last night to reject the plans for a block of flats on Ordnance Wharf.

The public gallery was packed out, standing room only. Jeanne Taylor, from the developer’s team, gave a detailed account of why the flats should be built.  Prof. Chris Wright, speaking for the Faversham Creek Trust, explained why this application was both premature and badly sited.
However, the councillors had no doubt about their decision.
The next stage involves the Borough Council and their planning committee.
We do not have a date for their meeting, as yet.

But keep keep on writing OR you can comment directly on-line here;  http://www.ukplanning.com/ukp/showCaseFile.do?councilName=Swale+Borough+Council&appNumber=SW/12/0489


4 responses to “Faversham Town Council Rejects Application

  1. Michael Maloney

    I believe the decision last evening by the Faversham Town Council to reject this planning application should be a signpost to all the proposals that are put forward. The building is totally out of character with the existing architecture of the Creek and would be a disaster for the town of Faversham.

  2. Jeremy Taunton

    Please be aware that in order to sign the petition relating to the Ordnance Wharf application, you do need to confirm your signature. You will be sent an email asking you to confirm, and unless you have petitioned before, this will go into your Junk Mail folder, and might well be ignored or deleted.
    Failure to Confirm will, I assume, result in your signature being rejected. It certainly doesn’t appear on the “View All Signatures” list until you do, and may not be counted.

    • Jeremy,
      Many thanks for that; they had that same problem last year with the Save Standard Quay Epetition.
      Many people never look in their Junk folders to see if important email has gone there and were surprised to find that it was not all junk.
      So I will put a warning on the website.
      Thanks Bob for FCT.

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