End of an Era at Standard Quay

Tim Goldsack’s Decima has floated out of the dock today and will sail for Heybridge on Thursday, wind and tide permitting. The dock will be towed to Oare on Wednesday, leaving the Beric, which will sail for the Blackwater in a few weeks,  then the Henry will be all alone.
Get down and see them before they go.

This will be the first time this century that Standard Quay has been down to just one Thames Barge. The problem now is that the shipwrights have all moved on and so will the floating docks. With no resident Shipwrights or facilities, the barges will go where the resources are set up ready for them,

What happens now to Standard Quay as a centre for Barges?



3 responses to “End of an Era at Standard Quay

  1. Jeremy Taunton

    This is sad news indeed, and has implications for Standard Quay and for the Apprenticeship project. One would think that, if Michael White wanted barges as a backdrop for his shore-based ideas, he would be doing all he could to encourage them to stay… The public like to see something going on, to see some creativity, not more buildings. Without the barges, what is there to encourage the public to visit Standard Quay? Or is that all part of the plan – to set up doomed-to-fail business centres, so that he can then obtain permission to convert the buildings into dwellings?

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  3. how very sad if this is happening at Standard Quay at Faversham. I was brought up all my life near Faversham and go down to the quay all the time. If the Barges go what will there be to see, surely it is in Michael Whites interest to encourage these people to stay as part of our heritage. Its absolutely disgusting that someone can not stop this happening.

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