Trust response to Faversham Creek Neighbourhood Plan Presentation

This is an extract from the Trust’s response to the Faversham Creek Neighbourhood Plan Initial Proposals and Options presentation at an exhibition on 5th May.

FCT Comments on  individual sites

Site 1. The Purifier Building  –  Now leased to the Trust for 35years to be used for Maritime Trades and the training of Apprentice Shipwrights. This should set the direction for other uses of the Basin. This facility will need access to the water to enable movement of craft to and from the side of the building [there being no access from Morrison’s Quayside]. Inevitably, there will be noise from the activities in the building, which make it incompatible with any immediately adjacent residential development such as on Ordnance Wharf.

Site 2. Ordnance Wharf  –  The current application to build a 4 storey block of flats on this site has met with vigorous resistance from the Trust, Faversham Town Council and large numbers of the local population. Importantly, if this planning application is given the go ahead, it will set a precedent for further residential development in the Basin. Policy B17, designating the Basin employment sites, must remain in force.

There is no doubt that this application will conflict with the activities of the maritime trades in the Purifier, as well as compete for access to the wharf side, potentially being blocked out by the rigid application of riparian rights.

The ideal use for this site is as a space for maritime activities, including cranage and storage and repair of medium sized craft.

Site 3A. The BMM Weston Car Park and Basin frontage  –  This should be reinstated as a wharf side, by piling and back-filling, to be used as moorings and include a public slip. The Car Park should be used as an open public access area, partly as a small craft parking area but also as grassed open space open onto the wharf side, and the slip.

Site 3B. Brent Hill shown as Site 3  –  This is not of direct interest to the Trust except that residential development should not be allowed so close nor so high as to conflict with the leisure activities of Site 3A.

Site 4.  Quay Lane/Belvedere Rd  –  The proposals presented recently, appear to be attractive and integrate existing buildings without interfering with access, use or visibility of the Creek itself. However, the Trusts’ view is that the successful Creek Creative facility should be continued on that site.

  Site 5. Swan Quay  –  This site with its important Creek frontage should be centered on maritime uses, a working quayside available for mooring and access to the town centre. Maritime businesses such as the existing Sail making should be accomodated and the Old Chandlery could even be returned to its original purpose.

Any new building should be set well back from the frontage and restricted to single storey, so as not to dominate the Old Chandlery. Behind that and fronting onto Belvedere Road, separate residential or mixed use development should fit in with the proposed development opposite.

The existing slip adjacent to the Town Quay should be extended for use as a light public slipway and the access and view widened. The fencing barriers should be removed so that public access is linked from Town Green along the front as far as possible.

Site 6. Former Oil Depot  –  There is an opportunity for some berths similar to those on the opposite bank. The quayside should be usable and accessible to boats to tie up alongside and access the town or Standard Quay. In addition there should be open public access that will continue to Standard Quay.

Any development should be set well back and not obscure the views of the Creek for the Abbey Street residents.

It would be helpful for continuity of design & planning if this site was designed and planned in collaboration with Site 7.

Site 7 – Coachworks and offices  –  The proposal for a mixed use development with ground floor quay side facilities, including toilets and showers, should remove any need to convert the Black buildings for other uses, guaranteeing that they are reserved for maritime trades.

 The scale and alignment should be kept to that of the Black buildings and the style should be complimentary.  Full public access should be maintained along the creek frontage to the existing moorings.

Site 8 – Standard Quay  –  The Quayside Properties’ proposals for this site are confusing and contradictory.  Despite the stated aims to maintain the Quay as a centre for Barge and large traditional craft repair, the quay continues to lose the interest of the traditional barge community. Restrictions on use of the quayside and access to the barges by crane; loss of dry dock facilities and the lack of resident shipwrights’ skills are at odds with the claimed aims.

Features of the plan, including a turning circle for cars, a leisure area alongside the quayside where there may be Barge Blocks and therefore boat building activities, parking along the quayside, but a complete lack of a proper working area for shipwrights’ activities, for such things as Masts and spars and large timbers, and heavy equipment, all contradict the claims.

Any change of use of the Black buildings on the basis of needing to subsidise the quayside and boatbuilding activities should be rejected completely because that will inevitably accelerate their downgrading as a maritime heritage asset, and their use for maritime trades. The insertion of a restaurant in the middle of workshops is not feasible and upgrading the sheds will result in them no longer being affordable workshops.

Site 9 – Standard House – Site 10 – Fentimans – agree with Vanguard.

Sites 11 – Upper Brents & 12 – Iron wharf and Chambers Wharf – Agree with Vanguard – must be preserved as industrial employment or maritime uses.

To See the Full Text click here: FCT Response to Neighbourhood Plan Initial Proposals


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