What a Glorious Weekend…

Well that was a weekend to remember – the sun shone, the boats waved flags in the breeze, the music played and the people came to enjoy; the kids played on the boats, some even swam in the Creek; they sat on the grass and listened to great music, talked to the people on the stands and kept the food and beer tents busy – this was the Faversham Nautical Festival, celebrating the Creek and it’s importance to the town and to the people of Faversham. More happy smiling faces than seen in a while, under a cloudless sky.

Thank you Lena, for organising a really memorable and happy event; it was appreciated by young and old. It takes a lot of work [including the paperwork – thankyou Paul] and it is all the small and unseen things that make it all happen smoothly.

The pictures speak for themselves ….. No doubt that this event is on the Faversham Calendar now……

 The Thames Barge, Lady of the Lea was a popular attraction, and open for everyone to walk around and down below, and the trainee pirate took his turn at the helm…

Lady of the Lea

The Countess Sondes and Sir David Melville, Patrons of this Trust


Faversham Creek Trust

Sea Cadets

Jean with the butterfly hat

Dig on Front Brents

almost Henley

The Swalers


Taylor & Co


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