A New Lifting Bridge for the Creek

An example of a type of replacement bridge for the Creek may be seen at Chatham Marina. Not the most elegant example of engineering, but it is possible for this type of bridge, common in Holland, to be installed as a single prefabricated package. It might even be possible to deliver it up the creek on a barge.

The problem is not the engineering or even the installation  or operating logistics; the problem is the lack of will by KCC who would prefer to see the crossing fixed permanently. From a Highways viewpoint, a fixed bridge is the easiest and cheapest option; it would also remove their perception of a traffic management problem, as there is absolutely no recognition for the future of the Basin which is seen as obsolete. [Just like the Sittinbourne end of Milton creek]

However, it has been established that it is almost the same cost to replace the bridge with a modern lifting one as above, than with a new fixed bridge.  Repairing the existing swing bridge, however, may be more expensive, so unfortunately we may have to prepare ourselves for the possibility that to retain an opening bridge, we will have to lose our historic bridge.

What do you think?


2 responses to “A New Lifting Bridge for the Creek

  1. to keep the old bridge is essential to the whole historic nature of the area

  2. Griselda Mussett

    A new bridge could be really exciting – some bascule or lifting bridges are very beautiful and exciting to watch, like the one in St Katherine’s Dock in London. The one in this picture is much bigger than what we’d need, and not at all pretty! The existing bridge in Faversham has an ancient mechanism, but the deck is only 1970s and is dangerous to pedestrians. It’s also shifting a bit, so something needs to be done – fast!

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