A letter to the Times – what do you think?

This is a letter sent to the Faversham Times, from Chris Berry and Hilary Whelan. If anyone can find any details of the actual spend, and budget, please send it to us. If you have any views on this issue, please comment.

For further information about the history and minutes of the Faversham Creek Neighbourhood Plan Vanguard Project, see these sites;




3 responses to “A letter to the Times – what do you think?

  1. I can understand the irritation Chris and Hilary feel, and which many will share, but I am afraid I don’t feel this is a positive contribution to the debate. And to blame the ‘planners’, who simply do what they are asked to do by elected members, is unfair.
    Arthur Percival, Faversham

  2. Chris & Hilary Berry

    Sorry, Arthur, but pointing out that events are planning-driven is not ‘blaming’ the planners; it’s simply a statement of fact. As for making ‘a positive contribution to the debate’: the problem is that there is no debate, at least as far as the general public is concerned. We are not kept informed about what is going on or how much it is costing, but suddenly learn that, whatever it is, we will be paying twice as much for it, whether we like it or not. Greater transparency and proper control of budgeting and expenditure would be a very positive development.

  3. It seems to me that Swale Borough Council has not been fit for purpose when it comes to sorting out the Creek. Instead of being proactive in pushing things forward it has been poleaxed by bureaucratic inertia which has, as pointed out above, been costly too. It is a shocking indictment of the local politicians involved with Swale that the enthusiasts of The Creek Trust have achieved so much whilst working on a shoestring and the the politicians with the ratepayers resources at their disposal have achieved so little.

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