Old Anchors Aweigh

The Christmas Hop was a tremendous success. All 350 tickets were sold and we were turning people away at the door.  Hamish Stuart and the band were utterly brilliant and everyone had a great time. We sold masses more raffle tickets and gave away fourteen wonderful prizes.  And the best news is that after the various costs were paid, the event raised a heartening £3,897.70 for our funds.  That is a tremendous result, and we are very grateful to Ruby Promotions (James and Pippa Rubinstein) for putting the whole thing together – the idea, financing and organisation. So many thanks to them, to all the musicians, to the sound and lighting technicians, to the staff at the Alexander Centre, to the teams selling raffle tickets and promoting the Trust, to the people who gave such great raffle prizes, and to the public who were so generous in their support.  Maybe it will become an annual event along with the Autumn Barn Dance.

We are also grateful to Colin McGinn for allowing us to use his photos;

8872_178061862339352_1343085759_n 154713_178061349006070_1482303882_n 59346_178069212338617_2082386147_n

556331_178067309005474_2019102070_n 537662_178067325672139_570926967_n 154767_178063652339173_1103323971_n

215024_178064089005796_1702505935_n 481546_178067585672113_1555855009_n 154486_178064115672460_1742751958_n


556690_178069925671879_1883428511_n 67853_178069999005205_2004222332_n 16003_178069589005246_705661596_n 181851_178069429005262_1659425173_n


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