8 Days left for Comments on the Changes to the Black Shed

The end date for comments on the proposed changes to the No 1 Black Shed on Standard Quay, is Tuesday 12th February.

These changes include upgrading the shed to a building standard that would allow it to be used as a public access building for a Restaurant and other public spaces, see previous post.

Comments can be entered direct at


or write to Planning Services Department, Swale Borough Council, Swale House, East Street, Sittingbourne, Kent ME10 3HT.

Quoting  application number is SW/12/1523


5 responses to “8 Days left for Comments on the Changes to the Black Shed

  1. The truth here is that there are plenty of workshops for the maritime industry as well as facilities for boat builders and barge restoration at Standard Quay. The idea of mixed use is both practical and viable. Investment is required so as to safeguard these buildings from becoming delapidated. There are not the government funds available to subsidise this, therefore the alternative is what is being proposed and should be supported. Tax payers’ money is being wasted on opposing schemes such as this which could be better spent on local Schools and Health Services!

  2. The successful barge repair and restoration and the Shipwright apprentice scheme operated here with no public subsidy so government funds are not required. The buildings were well maintained in constant consultation with Swale’s conservation officer throughout the time they were used in their listed state as simple workshops.. Substantial investment is needed solely to upgrade them to uses for which they were never intended.
    It is unfortunately not the case that the provision of a few small workshops is sufficient to maintain the large facility which existed until June 2011 with three constantly busy dry docks and an ever-changing backdrop of vessels coming and going to moor and use the docks, and the skilled labour available.
    I do not agree that tax payers money is wasted on opposing the loss of a unique resource which generated a lot of benefit for the town. In any event, it is a normal part of the planning process for debate to be sought when any application is made and especially so when such an important site as this is to change its status in the town.
    I wonder if the previous correspondent is referring to the money that has been spent on the drawing up of the Neighbourhood Plan? This is a separate issue. No public money has yet been spent on opposing this plan at Standard Quay.

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  4. Dear K Williams. what utter nonsense

  5. I am a taxpayer, my local (parish, town, or county) councillors do not represent my views, nor does my MP. It is utter nonsense to say that tax payers’ money is being wasted on opposing this, it is the time given freely by volunteers. The buildings were at no risk of becoming delapidated before the developer/landowner threw out the occupants and then subdivided the space to make unfit for their use. There is room alongside the creek and more widely in the Faversham area for housing. This is not the place for housing given the forecast sea level rises over the next 50 years of 6-7 meters. Mixed use does not have to mean on each site, it can be zoned across the creek area. If we lose this unique place and the skills that go alongside they cannot be replaced and we do not want a museum to boatbuilding, we have boat builders, craftspeople who can pass on their skill and expertise through apprenticeships which this government is so keen on. That is what ‘taxpayers’ would benefit from. A “destination” restaurant is a folly and a meaningless load of rubbish when we could have locally relevant and authentic businesses.

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