6y5aFi4jAmPw6mfN6Mklw9rNfBf52eVip-_jGeIcREQ,ryCs2hNS5yGzkdJALPt9g5wmlyK7Ox1YtE5P1ipPsjoThe Roof is now almost complete with the addition of the ridge tiles, specially made to fit the angle of the roof. The scaffolding has gone and you can now see what an impressive building it is. This is all down to a lot of hard work by volunteers and contractors and fundraisers. So many many thanks to you all.-kaypmcde9nVX81xSTU24zZEAWzgIDMtlosLKlWLK-k,eJfK_O5Ry6NKvjJuX3OVSPu3sYISmnwY2bZkTbc4NU4

Interior work is progressing as well, and is very much down to the volunteer force, so anyone who can lend tNYtN5l-b89j9bkJWU6JgTHH5lu1eeSr0jFS5VHqOjk,O_oq2P_r9ctclHFXmatSWX2Y3iUUc2RALohltRizPAAa few hours, please contact our new  Volunteer Coordinator see below

Volunteer Coordinator   QTgjRHKDNaSxQWjmsvwoWmuR0Xb4AcJH6cQaAOW1sBA,4N9RP7YWi7kZMNokunRgKnEHRMV7QCDhy_uHeaNCeoQ

Ann-Christin Thompson  annchristinthompson@yahoo.co.uk        

 Tel No 01795 590185

There are a several prospective maritime trades tenants awaiting for availability of the workshops. This the first phase of the project and is vital to start the activity in the building and of course improving our revenue. Once these trades are settled, then they should be able to take on apprentices.

Just a reminder of where we started from, a few pics of what it was like;


We have stripped both roofs and rebuilt, and repointed the end gables and turrets, All the windows have been unboarded, the cast iron frames stripped and repainted, and temporarily glazed with polycarbonate until we have the funds to_HwoN3R_QnoJYW0Y9IaonrTTHfcsF_XWaklurtUiHto,KVYnbACs2XdkFcxjDYyJyR8HM7hOPffm_nlXNUe6dSU


glaze them with new internal frames, leaving the original frames on view. The gutters and downpipes have also to be replaced. There are some structural alterations needed to improve access from the yard. This will be needed  until the Bridge is opened allowing us to bring in barges and lighters with materials.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA




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