Tonight, SBC Planning Committee unanimously rejected the planning application for the conversion of the No 1 Black Shed on Standard Quay, into a windowless restaurant and museum, with a windowed gallery upstairs.

It was described by one councillor as a Red Herring; another replied that there should be no Red Herrings served there and another concluded that eating them in a windowless restaurant would not be to their taste, even though the only things left to be seen outside would be a few parked cars.

There was a reservation about the future of the shed were it not used as a restaurant; would the recently departed maritime activities return. The answer is, of course , yes, given the right management and pricing.



  1. Claire Bettington

    So does that mean we have won???? Or is there some further battle????

    • This is certainly not the end of the story – somehow we have to find a way of moving things towards what most of us would wish to see at SQ.
      One additional change in that direction is the removal from the plan for car parking all along the Quayside, which was the original reason for removing the mooring rings.

  2. Hooray for the Faversham Trust and for the future of the maritime plan for Standard Quay! Good work. I look forward to attending the Faversham Nautical Festival on May 25th with my old friend Sixer. This will be cause for celebration.

  3. well done everyone!

  4. Well done and thank you to all those who dedicated such a huge amount of time and hard work into ensuring that the No 1 Black Shed should not be converted into a restaurant!

  5. I’ve heard that the developer is going to appeal. It may be that the council planning committee turned it down just because he said he wanted a restaurant with only one window. So, the fight goes on. We have to get Swale to stick to the idea that Standard Quay should be reserved for maritime purposes, as part of a nationally-important vestige of historic Thames-based boatyards with enormous economic and cultural potential for future generations. A CPO would be great – but we’d have to provide a viable and deliverable proposal for it to run as a boatyard again. Lots more work to do.

  6. Congratulations Everybody… SQ might return to proper useage…lots of boats and boaties!! However, you would need to get the heritage moorings rings replaced, which were vandalised by the “owner”!!!

    Hard Amidships and Stand By the Galley Stove!!!

    Kind regards from Sydney, OZ!!

    Dave Pyett

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