FCT does NOT condone Anonymous Public Attacks

The Faversham Creek Trust wishes to make it very clear and widely known that it does not condone anonymous public attacks on any organisation, business or individual. Although the issues now under scrutiny and debate may arouse strong feelings, no useful purpose is served by such activities, which raise stress levels but add nothing to their resolution.
Chris Wright, Chairman.

3 responses to “FCT does NOT condone Anonymous Public Attacks

  1. Arthur Percival

    Many thanks, Chris. Much appreciated.

    Best wishes


  2. Debbie Lawther

    Well said, Chris.

  3. Mike Cosgrove


    this is helpful. I know of at least two members of The Vanguard Committee that have been subject to harrasment, and officers have been subject to very abusive emails. I know well that the majority of Creek Trust Members are very decent, but regretably there is a small minority who may be members or hide beneath your cloak who think that harrasment and bullying is acceptable., when clearly it is not.

    We all live in Faversham and agree on many of the issues regarding the creek with of course some differences. But if this level of abuse is left unchecked it may lead to unforseen consequences for individuals that we will all regret. I am very happy to support your lead.


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