Neighbourhood Plan Exhibition Friday – Saturday

The Faversham Creek Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group will present an exhibition of ideas and options for what may be included in the Plan for the Creek area, this Friday evening and all day Saturday, at the Alexander Centre – see poster in earlier post.

It is very important that everyone takes this opportunity to look at what is presented there, and adds their comments and ideas. This is the last public consultation before the Draft Plan is written; from then on, the public consultations will be on the content of a published Draft Plan.

It will become increasingly difficult to change the content then, unless significantly supported and recorded ideas and comments, from this exhibition, are ignored. Your views and ideas will be recorded, collated and reported, so it can be expected that they will be reflected in the Draft Plan.

So if you have a view, or ideas, then get there and record them; you will have 3 weeks after the exhibition to submit them, if you want to take more time to express your ideas in more detail.



6 responses to “Neighbourhood Plan Exhibition Friday – Saturday

  1. Mike Cosgrove

    Please make sure that you complete a questionaire, that you can pick up at the end of the exhibition. Also remeber that after this exhibition there is a further formal process to express your views.
    After the exhibition details will be available on the Faversham Town Council website

  2. We are on holiday, can we view and add comments on-line?

    • You will be able to see the details of the exhibition on-line and you may be able to complete the questionnaire on-line; Mike Cosgrove may be able to confirm that.
      You will have 3 weeks to respond after the exhibition.

  3. Mike Cosgrove

    Re on-line, yes you can. details will be on website, these will include questionnaires,the display boards and background material. eg fullwood report etc. Will be available from weekend.Will post update as others have been designing it.

  4. Thank you Mike, can you also arrange for Orange hotspots to work? 😉

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