3 weeks to comment on the Creek Plan

It is a pity that the ‘exhibition’ cannot be made available for longer during the three week consultation period, especially for those who do not have access the internet; even a compressed one would help.

However, we strongly advise everyone to encourage all those who have not been able to see the actual exhibition, to go on line if possible, and see the presentation there, and make the effort to comment. Certainly to complete the questionnaire, and preferably the comment papers on the individual sites. It is not necessary to comment on sites for which you have no view, but certainly make the effort on those that may affect you.

Do not be mislead by the Ordnance Wharf illustrations labelled Options 1, 2, 3, and 4; they ARE NOT OPTIONS. They are simply different figments of the Steering Group’s imagination, as reflected by the artist; It is not a choice between them, and for some will bear no relation to what they might visualise on that site.

Likewise, at Swan Quay; they are not proposals based on any developer’s application; they are intended to stimulate your imagination about what might be there, or what you might not want there.

For Standard Quay, it might be better to also look at the developer’s own illustrations as published a year ago; see ttp://www.standardquay.co.uk  . These do not include the Oil Depot site because that is owned by another developer who has not yet presented his plans.

We are unsure what analysis of the questionnaires or the comment sheets for the  12 sites, will be available for public view, after the 3 weeks. However, the success of this consultation will be the identifiable reflection of the contents of those returns, in the Draft Plan.

Obviously the next stage is to ensure that this happens. That will be the proof that the consultation process is genuinely working at last, but that process has to be visible and clearly understood. There must be a clear connection between the majority of views and the Plan. We will observe that process very closely.

Simple democracy works on the basis of the majority holding sway. When hundreds of people put forward varying views, then the result will be a compromise. Whilst some may not accept that, how many do will show in the result of the Referendum next year.


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