MEMBERS’ MEETING Tuesday 23 July 2013

Events have been moving rapidly this year with the Opening of the Purifier building, a local fundraising campaign, and the reorganization of the Trust Board and working groups, all against a background of public consultation over the Creek Neighbourhood Plan and the Trust’s response.

This year we will be holding our members’ meeting in July to let everyone know what has happened and to ask your views about where we should be going next. It will be in the Purifier Building from 7.30pm on Tuesday 23 July, so if you haven’t seen it yet this will be a good chance to view the astonishing progress the building volunteer group has made with the refurbishment programme.

Not all the news has appeared on this site because we’re not in a position to report anything substantive yet.  For example we are pressing forward with negotiations about the Brents Swing Bridge and Sluice gates.  Other matters have been put aside because we are short of help in some key areas.

Please come along and see for yourself – the work of the Trust has roughly doubled in volume this year and we’ll be asking for your help as a volunteer with things like fundraising, helping with stalls, short courses, artwork, web content management, building work, committee admin, accounting, and door-to-door mailing.

The meeting will be informal so you can look around the building; Board members will be on hand to answer questions.  There will also be a thirty-minute session during the middle of the evening when we’ll be reporting on recent events and asking your views.  We look forward to seeing you.

Chris Wright




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