Did you enjoy the Members’ evening

Well over 100 people came to the Members’ Evening at the Purifier Building last night. They could admire the beautiful new loading bay doors and ‘balcony’ in the upstairs workshop. Griselda did the introduction, in usual extempore fashion, then the Chairman, Chris Wright, outlined the progress we’ve made to date, and what our next targets will be. Hilary Whelan outlined the work we’ve done regarding the Neighbourhood Plan. A request for more help resulted in more volunteers coming forward. Thanks to all the people who made this event possible – a lot of work resulting in a very successful evening.946283_402528086523869_1890581534_n999409_402527036523974_1497143197_n 998551_402525959857415_999190059_n968871_402526109857400_1645272578_n969929_402525546524123_42810653_n1006003_402528006523877_131635267_n262616_402526373190707_1800849821_n603408_402525403190804_1997650070_n1003331_402526756524002_202935739_n 1005777_402526396524038_2125029085_n


One response to “Did you enjoy the Members’ evening

  1. judith.webb@talk21.com

    Excellent evening. Very informative and encouraging.

    Judith Webb


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