There is much debate going around at present, about the state of the Neighbourhood Plan, some of it constructive, and some less so.

To be clear, this Trust’s position is as it has always been; that is to be a part of the process, now as a member of the Steering Group, to work to ensure the best possible outcome for the Creek, the people of the Town, and for the Trust’s particular interest in the Basin.

We will reproduce other people’s published considered views, and resulting comments, where we believe that they add value to debate, on the understanding that they should not necessarily be taken as reflecting the Trusts views, especially as to detail or criticism of the process or the organisations associated with it. Personal views are always acknowledged with the name of the correspondent. In future, the Trust’s views in editorials will be signed by the Editor.

This Trust will continue to work towards the regeneration of the Creek Basin for Employment purposes even when that declared interest results in it being excluded from discussion in the Steering Group. That is standard procedure in the formal council environment. You would expect a landowner to also be excluded on certain issues, were they on the Steering Group, which has been considered.

We look forward to the reconvened Town Council meeting next Monday, when the Land Uses for Sites and Streetscape Requirements proposals will be discussed; we appreciate and intend to take full advantage of the additional public question time given by the Mayor for this one item. Until then we ask that members of this Trust, and others, take a considered position and do nothing to alienate our friends and encourage our detractors.


One response to “THIS TRUST’S VIEWS

  1. David Budd, Berowra Heights, NSW, Australia

    As an Australian tourist who has visited Faversham several times, I was dismayed to hear of the proposal to allow more housing and a restaurant in the creek area.

    Apart from the historic buildings in the town, one of Faversham’s great attractions for visitors is the creek, the traditional boat repair activities and the several historic boats and barges that are moored there.

    This is an aspect of Faversham that should be nurtured and developed, not restricted by inappropriate housing development. Houses and restaurants are everywhere, historic boatyards are rare, and should be treasured.

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