Sham Fever in the Guildhall 22nd February


Film and Photography will feature in this one-day interactive art and cinema event in Faversham’s Guildhall on 22nd February.

Sham Fever is a unique opportunity for visitors to play and experiment with photographs, video and sounds of Faversham using a range of projection technologies, including OHPs, Digital and 16mm.

The event is free, open to all and local artists will be on hand to help.

Activities include selecting, viewing and layering film and footage, cutting up images and drawing on OHPs and playing and recording sounds.

The event is organised by artists interested in encouraging participation in the arts within the local community.

One of the organising artists John Dargan said, “It’s a fun day where people can experiment with technologies and play with films and photos in a big space.”

There will be images of Faversham past and present to project in the Guildhall. Visitors are also invited to bring in their own films and photographs to add to the mix.

Trish Scott added, “It will be an exciting new way of seeing Faversham and exploring the towns history. We hope participants will experience Faversham in a new light.”


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