3 Volunteers Needed

We have three Volunteer positions vacant:

One is to be our Assistant Volunteer Co-ordinator, helping find people to manage our popular events. This a vital role as we are always looking for more volunteers so that the various events and activities do not always call on the same people. Also, there is a pool of volunteers who need to be contacted and kept up to date with events and new volunteers recruited either for the pool or for specific roles. This is a continuous role, and needs two people at the helm to ensure that it is covered.

The second role is to be our Librarian/Archivist, managing our expanding valuable collection of reference books, periodicals, maps etc.

The third is an Admin Assistant to the Purifier Building Management Team, keeping a track of orders, deliveries and invoices; H&S documentation, the list goes on and will increase with time. Probably needs about an hour a day at present, based in the office in the Purifier.

If you or anyone you know who might be interested in these important roles, please get in touch through this website; info@favershamcreek.com.


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