The Creek Plan Questionnaire

The Town Council’s Creek Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has prepared a draft Plan for Faversham Creek. Residents are now being asked to comment on the contents. We are invited to fill in a questionnaire, and the responses will determine the fate of all the key sites along the waterfront. At present the Plan is essentially to allow the building of houses at all the key sites which up to now have been classified as industrial.

We don’t believe this qualifies as ‘regeneration’. Waterfront housing is luxury housing that does not meet local needs, and it doesn’t take many houses to make other uses impossible. The Plan needs a clearer vision about what the Creek is for: there are alternatives that we believe are more productive, and which build on the Town’s maritime heritage to enhance local skills, training for young shipwrights, industry, employment, tourism, leisure and recreation.

You can find out more at our exhibition in the Alexander Centre tomorrow Saturday (31 May) and also at the Purifier Building every Saturday morning in June.

Whether people agree or disagree, we believe that it is vital that everyone has their say. It will determine the future of the area and once decided, there will be no going back. If you have access to the internet you can fill in the questionnaire on-line at  as well as review the Plan and the Evidence Base.

Otherwise you can get a paper copy at (a) the West Faversham Community Centre between 4 and 8 pm on Friday 30 May (b) the Steering Group’s Exhibition in the Assembly Room, Preston Street between 1.30 and 5.30 pm on Saturday 7 June, and (c) at other events advertised in the leaflet recently distributed by the Town Council, or from the Town Clerk at the Alexander Centre.

The questionnaire is 18 pages long, but don’t despair.. Apart from filling in your name and address at the beginning, you might like to focus on

Question 2: Do you support the Plan as drafted?

Question 3, which is about the ‘balance between commercial and residential’ (note there is no reference to amenity or leisure and you may want to comment on this)

Question 4, which is about the need for an opening bridge

Questions 15 to 24, which are about the specific sites, the core of the Plan.

You should also take the opportunity to visit the Drop-In events and Exhibition organised by the Town Council, at various sites around the town over the next few weeks, at which you will be able to talk to members of the Steering Group.

The deadline for submission of completed questionnaires is 30 June, so there is plenty of time to look at the proposals and think about your responses. Do please come to see us if you are concerned about any of these issues, or need more details. You can also contact us through this website.

This post is published on behalf of the Brents Community Association & the Faversham Creek Trust


One response to “The Creek Plan Questionnaire

  1. I would like the creekside to retain its historical character and be used for a variety of shipwright initiatives, the bridge to be swing or lifting, preferably the latter. Above all else, where it comes to the siting of substantial new housing estates that we’re told Faversham must have, I must insist that green field sites must not be ‘developed’ and remain sacrosanct.

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