The Race in the Basin


A peaceful start

Sunday saw our second annual dinghy race in the Faversham Creek Basin successfully completed in good weather with a nice breeze; in fact unlike last years flat calm, there were some interesting puffs to liven things up a bit.


return on the first lap


the lead changes


the puffs

Twice around the buoys for the eight boats, twice as many as last year, and won by twelve year old Ella Jameson in her laser, Whistle.

There was a good crowd and many followed the race along the footpath to the turning buoy at Morrisons wharf, and back.

Deputy mayor Cllr Jane Hawkins very kindly agreed to do the starting and finishing honours with the air horn, nervous at first, she quickly got the hang of it and then there was no stopping her. She was delighted to give the cup to Ella, who at 12 has a future as a sailor; dad is the shipwright and sailor, Simon Grillet.


the winner

Trust Chairman Prof Chris Wright thanked everyone who had taken part, including the Sea Cadets, and said the race was started to show how much the community would benefit once the Creek Basin has been brought back into use for local people with an interest in boating, and as an event for spectators and visitors.


stacked boat

One of the contestants, Alan Thorne, raced his brand-new nesting dinghy ‘The PuriFlyer’ which has been built in the Trust’s Purifier Building. It splits into two separate halves which can be stacked on the deck of a boat.


too close

Another contestant, local fireman Tim Mulcahy who learned to sail on the Creek as a schoolboy, had bought his boat only 3 days ago, but gave Ella some competition, as did Alan in the Puriflier, and Alan Staley.

It  was a great atmosphere, something that the Creek always seems to generate, and we look forward to the next Creek event, the Nautical Festival in July [12/13] organised by the Kent Sail Association.




Duelling on the last lap

Andrew in the folding boat

Andrew in his folding boat




mmm I need to modify my rig..


Boys in a boat

Boys in a boat

young sailors

young sailors

Chris Wright and the Patron Sir David Melville

Chris Wright and our Patron Sir David Melville

Boat Folding

Boat Folding


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