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One response to “PICTURE THE CREEK

  1. Last nights meeting at the Fleur Hall was immensely valuable in that it gathered together views concerning various aspects of the creek, with contributions from archaeologists, historians, naturalists, fishermen, residents, photographers and artists.

    What emerged was a more complete picture of just how much value people place upon our unique place both in history and the present day.

    The love that we all share of our beautiful creek is under threat, so I think this initiative is hugely important as it will become a source of evidence in the future.

    I have no idea whether those with both vision and a love of the creek will win in the battle against the speculators, but I do know that we need to record our feelings NOW so that our future generations will come to understand what we believe in. Thank you Nathalie, this is a truly inspiring idea. I wish it every success.

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