Visiting Yachts at Town Quay

Several large yachts have found their way up to Faversham Town Quay recently. Given that Faversham is one of the best kept secrets in the boating world, imagine what it could be like if the Port of Faversham was promoted as a destination by water.


IMG_1432 IMG_1430IMG_1429 IMG_1428 IMG_1427 IMG_1458 IMG_1455 IMG_1454   


5 responses to “Visiting Yachts at Town Quay

  1. Maybe the tourism organisations could help?

  2. Its lovely to know we are welcome, we visited a few weeks back, we moored alongside another boat at Wilkinson’s Sails, stayed overnight comfortably and left the following day. We both live in Faversham, so we weren’t far from home anyway.

  3. It is mentioned in Imray’s ‘East Coast Pilot’ but it takes a certain mindset to bring your pride and joy up here if you’ve never been before!
    Yes I know the details aren’t quite right. Things have changed over the 4 years since the current edition was researched, but will be updated in the next edition.

    • Thankyou Dick for your reply; my comments were not aimed at anyone in particular, except maybe the Town Council whose leaflet and Chart are years out of date.
      It is appreciated that it does take that mindset, but with some careful instructions etc it should be possible to make it more of a destination; your support for this would be priceless as usual.

  4. With a few basic facilities provided for sailing boats we ought to be able to envisage entertaining club rallies up here at the top end of the creek. with a choice of creek-side pubs and restaurants perhaps as many as eight to twelve boats on some occasions each with three or four crew spending at least £20-30 per adult per day for food and even more spending in town. Friendly foreign visitors too would also soon appear. May I suggest a few town planners take a trip over to Holland and take a look see how advanced they are at encouraging waterborne sports-people. We need to feel ashamed. Get that opening bridge built and a decent visitor’s pontoon would be a start! For myself, even without modern facilities I will definitely come again soon in my little pride and joy clutching the very latest edition of East Coast Pilot. You see I can pop home for a shower, I live just down the road.

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