Memorial to Arthur Percival

Our Chairman Chris Wright announced last night that our community room in the Purifier Building will be named in honour of the late Arthur Percival. The decision was reached unanimously by our Board members and has been approved by Arthur’s wife Dorothy.  Chris had spoken earlier in the day at the Memorial Service in the Parish Church, where hundreds of people including the Mayor, our MP Hugh Robertson, and town councillors heard about Arthur’s lifelong dedication to the conservation and community of Faversham.

A new Faversham Christmas carol was also performed by the Fleur Singers in public for the first time at the well-attended Members’ Night. Written by Trust members Griselda and Andrew Mussett, it describes how three traditional ships come up the Creek on Christmas Day. Copies have been sent to all the local schools for their free use.



3 responses to “Memorial to Arthur Percival

  1. Wish I was there; well done… from wet Falmouth

  2. Well done, wish I was there, from wet Falmouth…

  3. Having heard of Arthur’s passing only recently, this is a most splendid and befitting memorial to one of Faversham’s most honorable gentleman. I wish I was also there. Best wishes from Australia.

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