Queenborough Harbour Marina Reinstated after Consultation

After a public consultation and 70 Objections to the complete removal of the original Marina plan in favour of more houses, SBC reconsidered and reinstated an option for a Marina;

  • 􏱊  the majority of respondents wanted the adoption of the Alternative Marina Creek Plan by Messers Orpin, MacDonald and Bell; and
  • 􏱊  in the light of this, it is proposed that the Masterplan Addendum is altered to show the area to the south of the Creek as safeguarded for future Creekside leisure, commercial and open space uses. This leaves open the possibility of the Alternative Marina Creek Plan being implemented once the promoters gain funding for their scheme

Just shows what can be achieved by pushing back…

see; queenborough-and-rushenden-indicative-revised-land-use-plan-addendum-to-2010-adopted-masterplan


2 responses to “Queenborough Harbour Marina Reinstated after Consultation

  1. If this is true then all of our efforts have been worth while.However,there is still a long way to go .Keep the support going.We need every bot of support that we can get.

  2. We are delighted that they have approved the concept and plan but WE ARE NOT SO DELIGHTED that they have not allow enough land to implement it!
    We have now realized, that in appendix 1 that have not allowed enough land to implement the Orpin MacDonald and Bell alternative marina plan, let alone enough land for boat storage, and workshops etc


    They say one thing and then mean another, they have continued to show the land with buildings as in the original area, see appendix where land for marine use is coloured red. In other words there is not enough land for a marina allocated!.

    We hope this is a mistake and not a way of blocking or making the planned marina seem to be not viable in favour of houses!

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