Members and supporters of Faversham Creek Trust enjoyed a social evening at the Purifier Building headquarters on Saturday night, with musical entertainment provided by the Fleur Singers and local band Kingsize Jones.

Chairman Prof. Chris Wright took people on tours round the building which is nearing completion after three years very hard work by the volunteers.


Referring to the Swing Bridge Fund, Chris said ‘It’s not an exact science to say exactly how much more we need to raise with just two months to go, but we are well on track to raise the necessary £125,000 by the end of September, with solid support from the local community and lots of events on our calendar. We just have to keep focussed and keep on raising the money’.

Many thanks to all who came and for the generous donations to the Swing bridge Fund, which totalled over £400 but included 3 very generous donations.


There will be a Boot Fair on 16 August at Abbey School (from 8am – noon), cars £5, vans/trailers £7. And a special authentic North Indian dinner at the Spice Lounge restaurant on Tue 8 September for £20 a head, book via Marion on 07918 123123 and



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