Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Wishing all our Members and Supporters

a very Merry Christmas

and a Happy and Successful New Year

What an eventful – and event-full – year 2015 has been! Thanks to all our members and supporters for all your generous contributions to our very successful Swing the Bridge Campaign, as well as for your continued support for the regular work of the Trust.

We’ve achieved a great deal this year, in addition to raising the £125,000 public contribution towards a new Swing Bridge. For example, the first trainee shipwright has started work at the Purifier Building. Two more Creek Learning Programmes have been completed, organised and managed by the Brents Community Association and supported by Faversham Creek Trust. Work has continued on the Purifier Building, so that every part of it is now in active use. The Arthur Percival Room has been a welcoming venue for many community events.

We’ll be setting ourselves new challenges and targets for 2016, as we all wait while KCC puts the work of designing and building the new Bridge out to tender. We hope to see the new Bridge completed and in use by autumn 2017.

We’ll be in touch in the New Year with news of our activities and events for Members. You can find out more about our activites on this website:

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Sue Akhurst


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