BOAT CAMP a new project

This is what we’re about and we think that you’ll be pleased to hear about our new project – Boat Camp! We’ve reached a stage where we can get local young people building boats!

Ten lucky students from Faversham’s Abbey School will take part in the BoatCamp fortnight to build 2 wooden rowing boats. 

The Boat Camp will be run in the Creek Trust’s Purifier Building during the holidays. The project is headed by Alan Thorne and his team – they recently trained local back-to-work groups to build a small fleet of mouse-boats and also the Kingfisher punt, now used to clear rubbish from Stonebridge Pond.

Here’s a line-up of the Creek Trust’s BoatCamp team: Linda Thomas, Trust chairman Sue Akhurst, boat-builder & course tutor Alan Thorne, James Rubinstein and Gulliver Imminck.  IMG_1320

However, the team need £8000 to run the course, and the Trust is now fundraising to pay for this course, and you can show your support by going to

This online donation website has been set up by Alan who completed the round-the-Isle-of-Wight sailing race at the weekend to help raise money for the BoatCamp. All the money raised from sponsoring him in that race will go towards the Boat Camp. He has successfully used this method in previous years to help finance sailing-training for disadvantaged young people.

We are of course also fundraising from other sources, and are happy to accept direct donations for this project. We are sure our members will want to help support this marvellous opportunity which exactly matches our objectives…. to train new shipwrights and get people more involved with the Creek.

This is an excellent starter project which has taken a long time to set up, working with the staff and students of the school, and the local shipwrights, and the boat designer – a New Zealander! Maybe in future we’ll have some home-grown boat-designers to help spread this idea round the world.

Please do give us your support. .


One response to “BOAT CAMP a new project

  1. I like to know when we are going to get the new SWING BRIDGE?
    And when the creek gets properly dredged?
    It is looking appalling!

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