Development plans submitted for the old Oil Depot


This view does not show their true scale but these houses are a full 4 storeys high. You can just see the existing adjacent block to the right which is 3 storey. There is a provision for pontoon moorings in front of the right hand block that is set back.

However, there does not appear to be continuity of the walkway from the adjacent property, as specified in the Neighbourhood Plan, to allow continuous public access along the waterfront, potentially creating the same unhappy and contentious situation as exists on the opposite bank along the front of Faversham Reach and Waterside.


The Neighbourhood Plan, soon to go to referendum, does provide for development on this site, but it is a shame that the developer has resorted to cramming in as many units as possible, which, when added to the existing and planned adjacent developments, exacerbates the crowding in of the Creek, continuing to treat it as a Street. As usual, it is all about maximising the returns for the developer with little concern for the sustainable future of the Creek which the Neighbourhood Plan is supposed to protect.

This plan should be viewed in the context of the developer’s original vision for the adjacent development of Standard Quay.


You can see the original plans for the development of Standard Quay here;


Had a plan been prepared for the combined sites, both in the same ownership, it may have been possible to create a more relaxed, integrated and attractive development, truly adding value to their waterside location rather than simply exploiting it. Adding rows of pseudo warehouse style blocks, which never existed this way on the creekside, in the first place, and failing to acknowledge the presence, style and scale of the Black Sheds, and ancient buildings behind, for instance, is a missed opportunity to create an environment with real architectural merit.

The planning application with all the details can be viewed here;

16/508709/FULL | Erection of 10no. dwellings with associated parking and landscaping. | Former Oil Depot Abbey Wharf Standard Quay Faversham Kent ME13 7BS.


2 responses to “Development plans submitted for the old Oil Depot

  1. 4 storey is too high. 3 should be an absolute maximum.

  2. If these new house look like the ones on the Brent side of the creek , which aesthetically look terrible from the town side of the creek , and are as big and as similar, then the creek will be an eyesore. This an opportunity to make the creek a great place to visit and live and if this development goes ahead then the creek will be lost for future generations. The proposals are all about the developer making money, as if he hasn’t got enough already.
    There must also be access for the general public to walk along the creek and this is essential and a must have in the plans

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