Faversham Creek Neighbourhood Plan, this Trust’s View

The Faversham Creek Neighbourhood Plan goes to referendum on 4th May, after the Judicial Review in January dismissed objections lodged by a riparian [creekside] owner. The revised Plan now rules out housing on Swan Quay.

Like all democratic processes, the result is a compromise; however we believe the Plan offers the best hope for controlling development of Creekside land, and paves the way for restoration of the whole creek as a destination waterway.

We would encourage local residents to vote YES to accept it.

This would also satisfy Swale Borough Council’s main condition for releasing £200,000 towards the Swing Bridge. According to KCC’s plans, the bridge will be installed over next winter, to be complete by Spring 2018. We thank Cabinet Member Mark Dance and the rest of the team for the work they have put in driving this pivotal project forward.

The Plan may be read in full here;

119Q170320Referendum-PlanWEB FCNP


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