Sea Cadets Open Day at TS Hazard Saturday 15th April

The Creek Trust is very pleased to support the Sea Cadets Open Day on Sat 15 April. 

Visit them at the TS Hazard on the Town Quay, or go aboard SB Repertor on her moorings at Faversham Reach, and also at the Purifier Building in Morrisons car park.

Learn about what the Sea Cadets do for young people; how they give opportunities to learn to sail in dinghies and in fully rigged ships like the TS Royalist above. They learn to canoe and windsurf, to rock climb, mountain biking and more. Above all to meet others and have fun in teams often travelling to interesting new places.

You are also most welcome to see what they get up to by visiting our Purifier Building in Morrisons Car Park (open from 10-4) where Ottar, see below, the Anglo-Saxon boat will be on display.

The more people come along and get involved in these activities, especially young people, the more we will see the revival of the Creek as an active place – so do come, bring your friends, it will be a lot of fun, for landlubbers and mariners alike, of all ages!


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