Members’ Coffee Morning Thursday 15th

Members’ Coffee Morning
Thursday, 15th June from 10.30 to 12.30 am
at the Purifier Building

You are invited to a Coffee Morning on Thursday 15 June from 10.30-12.30 at the Purifier Building. This is partly a social event, and partly because we want to encourage more people to come and join in our activities as volunteers.

We’ll have coffee and cakes on offer, and a short presentation from some of the people who’ve helped us out in the past, to say what they got out of it.

You can find out what’s involved, how to join our successful team of campaigners, fund-raisers, event organisers and socialisers.

We all feel tremendously pleased to have got such a great result in the recent Referendum on the Creek Neighbourhood Plan, but as the Basin project unfolds, there will be a great deal to do and we need more help!

Whether it’s helping on the stalls at the Nautical Festival, coming to workshops, delivering newsletters, putting up posters, doing some admin, or making cakes, if you think you could help we’d like to talk with you about that. We really need to know more about what our volunteers want from us, so maybe you can give us some ideas!

Do come! It will be fun and we hope to run these on a regular basis – maybe once a quarter – so that members can meet each other and keep in touch that way.

RSVP! Bring a friend! And if you can bring a cake, all the better! Thank you!

From Griselda Mussett and Debbie Lawther, FCT

For more information, please email us at


2 responses to “Members’ Coffee Morning Thursday 15th

  1. What a pity. Would have loved to come to this, but am otherwise engaged. All the best Jill.

  2. Stephanie Wolfe

    Working that morning. How about an evening date sometime?!

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