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Why Vote Yes for Neighbourhood Plan at Referendum

The referendum on the Faversham Creek Neighbourhood Plan is being held on the same date as the KCC Election, Thursday, 4th May 2017.
Whatever you choose to do about your KCC Councillor – or the General Election next month – we hope you will decide to vote FOR the Neighbourhood Plan.

If you are a member, you will have received an A5 poster like the one above – please put it in your window if you feel able to support the plan. We have a few posters left still in sizes from A5 to A3. We will be distributing A6 leafletes to as many central Faversham households as our volunteers can, before the Referendum. We’ll be handing A6 copies out in the Market on Saturday.

If you would like to volunteer to help, please call me – Sue Akhurst – on
01795 530141 or email

What’s in the Plan

While it isn’t perfect, it is a huge improvement on the first version. You can download it from the Swale Borough Council Website if you want to read it:

It is the first document link in the section “Specified Documents”
This is the question you will be asked:
“Do you want Swale Borough Council to use the neighbourhood plan for Faversham Creek to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area?”

We hope you will feel able to answer YES for the following reasons:

1. The Swing Bridge – please vote Yes in the referendum to satisfy Swale’s conditions, so they can release their £200,000 towards the Swing Bridge. The Neighbourhood Plan speaks of the benefits of opening the bridge to enable the Creek Basin to be regenerated, with wharves and dredging, to improve navigability along the Creek, increase tourism and make the area a great place for residents too.

2. Better protection for community and heritage – the NP includes many policies which will enhance our environment by protecting our archaeology, historic buildings and their settings, wildlife habitats, and places for leisure and enjoyment. It protects Swan Quay for industrial and business use, and policy SWQ1 states “it shall not be used for dwelling houses”. The policies for the Purifier Building allow mixed use of industrial and training, so we can carry out our existing activities there. There is a requirement for Ordnance Wharf to be a mixed use development of two of these three things: residential, office and/or workshops, and small community hall. Any development on Ordnance Wharf must “have regard to the presence of the Purifier site adjacent”.

3. More control of housing development – although housing is permitted on many sites, there are overall controls for the whole plan area, including the requirement for 35% affordable housing on all sites, a general limit of 3 stories, restrictions on the use of the ground floors to prevent them being used as living space, and general design standards for the houses. Moorings and a walkway must be provided.

There are also clear policies about issues like flooding and drainage. There is a section on Plan Monitoring, to make sure the Plan achieves what it sets out to do.

Overall this is now a good plan which Faversham Creek Trust endorses. We recommend residents to vote Yes in the Referendum on 4th May.

Thank you for supporting Faversham Creek Trust. If you are not a member, please consider joining us – it is the strength of our membership base that has enabled us to be effective and to have a voice.

For more information, please email us at



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TS Royalist to visit Queenborough Tuesday 11 April

TS Royalist to visit Queenborough

The famous tall ship, TS Royalist, will be coming to Queenborough Harbour on Tuesday 11 April at approximately 4.00pm. This will be their second visit. Well worth coming to have a look.

The new sail training vessel entered service with The Marine Society and Sea Cadets in 2015.

Sea Cadets Open Day at TS Hazard Saturday 15th April

The Creek Trust is very pleased to support the Sea Cadets Open Day on Sat 15 April. 

Visit them at the TS Hazard on the Town Quay, or go aboard SB Repertor on her moorings at Faversham Reach, and also at the Purifier Building in Morrisons car park.

Learn about what the Sea Cadets do for young people; how they give opportunities to learn to sail in dinghies and in fully rigged ships like the TS Royalist above. They learn to canoe and windsurf, to rock climb, mountain biking and more. Above all to meet others and have fun in teams often travelling to interesting new places.

You are also most welcome to see what they get up to by visiting our Purifier Building in Morrisons Car Park (open from 10-4) where Ottar, see below, the Anglo-Saxon boat will be on display.

The more people come along and get involved in these activities, especially young people, the more we will see the revival of the Creek as an active place – so do come, bring your friends, it will be a lot of fun, for landlubbers and mariners alike, of all ages!

Faversham Creek Neighbourhood Plan, this Trust’s View

The Faversham Creek Neighbourhood Plan goes to referendum on 4th May, after the Judicial Review in January dismissed objections lodged by a riparian [creekside] owner. The revised Plan now rules out housing on Swan Quay.

Like all democratic processes, the result is a compromise; however we believe the Plan offers the best hope for controlling development of Creekside land, and paves the way for restoration of the whole creek as a destination waterway.

We would encourage local residents to vote YES to accept it.

This would also satisfy Swale Borough Council’s main condition for releasing £200,000 towards the Swing Bridge. According to KCC’s plans, the bridge will be installed over next winter, to be complete by Spring 2018. We thank Cabinet Member Mark Dance and the rest of the team for the work they have put in driving this pivotal project forward.

The Plan may be read in full here;

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