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Trading Mates on Cambria May 26-28

2017 was a quiet year for Cambria, which caused some level of worry.

2018 is proving much better. Early in April the Sea-Change Sailing Trust started a charter of the barge for several months to be used for their work with young people and for other more unusual sails.

Top of the pile of such voyages must be the coming “Trading Mates on Cambria” weekend which will see Dick Durham and Phil Latham return to the barge where they spent long days as Mates in the last of the trading years in the 1960s.

And you can be part of that great experience by joining the barge for the weekend. See below for full details and how to book.


Chris Wright on Moving Ships Tue 17th

Less than a century ago, great passenger liners such as the Queen Mary excited the imagination. Today, our attention has moved on, but ships remain vital to the economy, shifting far more cargo than railways or trucks.

As a Cinque Port and a centre for traditional wooden vessels, Faversham itself has maritime associations. It is close to the Straits of Dover, the busiest sea lane in the world, and the Graveney Boat reminds us how our ancestors grappled with the forces of nature to bring cargo to our shores.

In this talk, Chris Wright will sketch out the evolution of ships and shipping from an unusual point of view: looking underneath the hull and behind the propeller to see what makes them tick, and how the early vessels evolved into the sleek monsters we see today. But they move in mysterious ways and are often unstable or difficult to control. Sometimes battered by hurricane-force winds and rogue waves nearly a hundred feet tall, they are surprisingly risky to travel in. Among the topics raised will be:
How to get up the creek without a paddle (or an engine)
Ships make beautiful V-shaped wave patterns – why do they all look the same?
Are supertankers unstable?
How the Queen Mary helped to win World War 2, and …
Can goldfish be seasick?

This is a free event, with refreshments. We request a leaving donation to help cover our costs.

Latest on the Bridge

Faversham Creek Trust were disappointed that KCC cancelled at short notice the long-awaited bridge meeting scheduled for this afternoon, as were other members of the Steering Group. This was due to serious illness of a family member of one of the KCC team – naturally we extend our best wishes to them.

We had expected to be shown their proposals for a bridge, as promised last October, being mindful of the budgetary difficulties they now face. We await a rescheduled meeting as soon as possible.

It is not surprising that Faversham people are expressing concerns about the continuing delay. Between us and with the support of the Town Council and the Borough Council we raised the money asked, and still we have no idea of when the bridge will be replaced.

Members of the Faversham Creek Trust have in the meantime come up with a different proposal. This is for a lifting bridge which is simpler and quicker to install, operate and maintain, and which will cost far less to build – probably close to the budget. An example can be seen working at the river entrance to Chatham Marina – it has been operated many times a day since 1996 and is thus well-proven. We have provided KCC and the Steering Group with detailed information about this design and we urge them to consider our proposal with the utmost seriousness.

We think a public meeting in the town as proposed would now be helpful to establish what the current position is and how we can best move forward.

A Day for Young People April 4th

A day for young people, organised by young people. Come along and find out how to be part of the new Faversham Youth Council

4 Excellent Talks coming up

Moving Ships
Prof. Chris Wright
Tuesday 17 April Fleur Hall, Gatefield Lane

Occupation, Use and Ownership of Quays of the Creek from the Middle Ages to 2018
John Owen FSA
Thursday 31 May Purifier Building

Greenpeace – Still Making Waves
Prof Tim Valentine
Thursday 21 June Purifier Building

Faversham 20202020
Prof Tim Stonor
Tuesday 10 July The Limes, Preston Street – upstairs


An afternoon of Thames Barge Sailing Films Sunday 18th


Creek Clean Sunday 11th