Swing Bridge Progress

The Faversham Creek Bridge Steering Group has announced that a key milestone for the replacement of the swing bridge has been achieved.

An invitation to tender for the design and construction of the replacement of the bridge has now been issued to a number of companies who have expressed an interest.

Formal bids will be evaluated by KCC after the submission deadline of 3rd July. Subject to a satisfactory contractor being identified at an affordable price, work could commence on the design phase later this year.

Chairman, KCC Councillor Mark Dance said ‘delivering this ambitious project includes complex issues, such as ownership of the bridge itself and of course funding for the bridge’s replacement. I am grateful to all members of the steering group and I am especially grateful to the community of Faversham for its fantastic fundraising efforts so far.’

As the project progresses further regular updates will be published, there will be a project web page and it is intended, that as part of the contractual arrangements, there will be a Community Liaison Officer to deal with any day to day queries.

The Faversham Creek Bridge Steering Group was setup in May 2013, and comprises representatives from: Kent County Council Highways and Economic Development; Swale Borough Council; Faversham Town Council; Faversham Creek Trust and local volunteers with expertise in engineering and project management.


Apprentice Projects Update

In Faversham, the 24ft centreboard yacht Mayhi has reached the stage where the hull is caulked and ready for painting, and the deck to be laid on the beams.

In Truro, the keel of the 68ft Pilot Cutter Pellew has been laid and the frames will soon start to be raised. 

Below are some pictures of both vessels showing their different scales and current progress.

And in Truro

Members’ Coffee Morning Thursday 15th

Members’ Coffee Morning
Thursday, 15th June from 10.30 to 12.30 am
at the Purifier Building

You are invited to a Coffee Morning on Thursday 15 June from 10.30-12.30 at the Purifier Building. This is partly a social event, and partly because we want to encourage more people to come and join in our activities as volunteers.

We’ll have coffee and cakes on offer, and a short presentation from some of the people who’ve helped us out in the past, to say what they got out of it.

You can find out what’s involved, how to join our successful team of campaigners, fund-raisers, event organisers and socialisers.

We all feel tremendously pleased to have got such a great result in the recent Referendum on the Creek Neighbourhood Plan, but as the Basin project unfolds, there will be a great deal to do and we need more help!

Whether it’s helping on the stalls at the Nautical Festival, coming to workshops, delivering newsletters, putting up posters, doing some admin, or making cakes, if you think you could help we’d like to talk with you about that. We really need to know more about what our volunteers want from us, so maybe you can give us some ideas!

Do come! It will be fun and we hope to run these on a regular basis – maybe once a quarter – so that members can meet each other and keep in touch that way.

RSVP! Bring a friend! And if you can bring a cake, all the better! Thank you!

From Griselda Mussett and Debbie Lawther, FCT

For more information, please email us at favershamcreektrust@yahoo.co.uk


Talk on John Oliver Tuesday 6th 7pm in the Purifier

Apprenticeships Now

A while ago, Countrywide Productions produced a film about the wide variety of apprenticeships available to young people and how they represented an increasingly popular alternative to university. This film was well received by a wide group of community representatives when it was premiered on the SB Repertor.

The link below shows a series of tasters of the film with comments from businesses  running the schemes, including local boatbuilder Alan Staley, and the apprentices themselves.  Importantly, it must be pointed out that these schemes are not confined to crafts and physical skills, and now cover a wide range of activities including administration and digital technology.


In addition there is the scheme running in the Purifier, building a replica of the 24ft yacht Mayhi.  This is a longstanding scheme, now directly linked to another in Cornwall, with whom it is hoped that there will be an exchange of apprentices; more on that in another post.


Now that the Referendum has agreed the Creek Neighbourhood Plan, which will in turn guarantee the remaining funding  for the Swing Bridge to be made available by Swale Borough Council, then the opening of the Bridge will enable craft to be brought into the Basin and made available for apprentices to work on.

In 2018, the Basin will start to come back to life and become an asset for the Town instead of an eyesore of dereliction.

Thanks must be given to all the many people who have worked hard over the years to make this happen; these include community leaders, private donors, volunteers and community group representatives.

This Trust will continue to play its part representing the many people who want to see Faversham’s maritime heritage restored for the benefit of the whole community.


Dinghy Race in the Basin Sunday 28th May

On Sunday 28th May, in the afternoon, there will be Dinghy Race in the Basin. 

A small fleet of different sailing dinghies will do a couple of laps of the Basin. This is a social event to show what it would be like when more craft are using the Basin.

The photographs below are from the 2015 event


What a Shame about Swan Quay

Since losing their Judicial Review against the Inspector’s decision to preclude residential development on Swan Quay, in the middle of the town, the owners have resorted to unjustified devices to spoil the appearance of the waterfront, and turn it into a derelict site. The  established Sailmaking business moved out when their costs became  unsustainable.

This important waterfront will once again be left empty during the Nautical Festival, as a statement to the town and visiting craft that they hold in contempt, and especially Creekites, those with the Creek at heart, that they blame for spoiling their inappropriate plans. 

Their lack of imagination prevents them from developing this important site in a way that is sympathetic to the creek and the town, and cannot consider any alternative to their planned exploitation by erecting 4 storey residential blocks.

What a shame…