Board of Directors/Trustees 

  • Chairman: Chris Wright
  • Deputy Chairman: Simon Foster
  • Treasurer: Paul Channon
  • Eldon Hinchliffe
  • David Gwyn-Jones
  • Griselda Mussett
  • James Rubinstein
  • Robert Telford
  • Debbie Lawther
  • Ian Ludlow
  • Roger Ely
  • Ann Hill
  • Sue Ackhurst
  • Company Secretary; Jo Ludlow
  • Board Secretary: Nancy Saddington

  • Consultant for Governance: Val Honyben
  • Consultant for Planning:

    Brenda Chester

Downloadable PDF of Biographies of Patrons and Board of Directors/Trustees;

Trustees Jan 2014

Working Groups

Building Group 

  • Chair: Simon Foster
  • Dep. Chair: Debbie Lawther
  • Eldon Hinchliffe
  • Brian Boorman
  • Ian Logan
  • David Gwyn-Jones
  • Trevor Foster
  • Bob Telford
  • Secretary: Sarah Deeson

Events and Publicity Group  

  • Chair: Griselda Mussett
  • Roger Ely
  • Sue Akhurst
  • Sarah Deeson
  • James Rubenstein
  • Bob Telford (Webmaster)

Membership and Volunteers Group 

  • Chair: Debbie Lawther (Membership Secretary)
  • Ann Hill (Membership Support)
  • Sue Akhurst (Volunteer Coordinator)
 Business Group  
  • Chair: Chris Wright
  • Sue Akhurst
  • Paul Channon
  • Simon Foster
  • Liz Tootell
  • Griselda Mussett



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