Bridge update

The Chair of the Creek Trust gave the following short update at our annual members drinks on Friday 5th January 2024:

“One of our long-term aims is the development of the Basin as a marina for heritage craft of all shapes and sizes. As we know, that will need the bridge to be working again as the entry to the basin. It’s slow, we realise, as unlocking this situation sits at government level. We can only influence the influencers and that takes steady, patient work. We have been encouraged by meetings before Christmas with KCC and their new Director of Transportation – Haroona Chogtai.  It’s clear that KCC are fully behind the project of the bridge replacement. The blockage is with the DfT and getting that sorted is the focus of our efforts right now.  Before joining KCC, Haroona worked in the DfT, in particular in the maritime section, so has real working knowledge as to how to engage successfully at that level of government. There will be a follow-up meeting with her at the end of this month.  We will be keeping you up to date with that as we learn more.”

Faversham Creek Trust