The Faversham Creek Trust is established as a registered charity and non-profit company. None of our Board or helpers receive payment for their work.  Our Trustees stand for re-election on a regular basis. You will find below a description of our purpose (Charitable Objects), Responsibilities of the Trustees and our Policies and Procedures. If you are interested in joining us, please contact

Our Charitable Objects – For the Benefit of the Public: 

  1. To secure the regeneration and use of the historic Faversham Creek and basin as a maritime waterway.
  2. To promote the preservation of buildings and sites of historic or architectural importance along the Faversham Creek waterfront.
  3. To support education, training and work experience including traditional boatbuilding and repair.
  4. To support the provision of boat-building, boat repair and leisure facilities on or near the Creek.
  5. To promote the protection and conservation of the environment of the Creek.
  6. To advance education about Faversham Creek maritime history, heritage and boatbuilding tradition through talks, presentations and study events.

You can find more information by the clicking the following links:

Adopted Objects of Faversham Creek Trust


Trustees Responsibilities 

FCT Chair role description

FCT Treasurer role description

FCT Trustee role description

FCT Code of Conduct for Trustees

FCT New Trustee induction

Policies of the Trust

Privacy Notice GDPR

Health & Safety

Conflict of Interest

Reserves, Expenses & Procurement


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