Cinque Ports Rowing

Cinque Ports Rowing was founded by Alan Thorne in 2020 to help the local community build and enjoy boats. We are delighted to host his community boat-building project in our Purifier building. This project builds 22ft coastal rowing skiffs, known as St Ayles Skiffs, which are rowed on Faversham Creek and enter national and international competitions. Alan encourages people of all ages and skill levels to participate in both the boat-building and the rowing. In addition to developing much-needed carpentry and joinery skills, people also join in for friendship, a sense of community and for their well-being.

Faversham Creek Trust is proud to support CPR along with Bensted’s Charity, Swale Borough Council, Kent Community Foundation, Faversham Town Council and the Rotary Club of Faversham.

Find out more about their current project on their facebook page Faversham Community Boat Build.

Faversham Creek Trust