Cooksditch Stream Cleanup

Huge congratulations and thanks to Lesley Seager and her team of volunteers and supporters (including the Town Council) for their work in cleaning the rubbish out of Cooksditch. This ancient little waterway runs down from beside the Rec, behind the houses in Cyprus Road, and then along the eastern boundary of the QE playing fields. Of course, this is a tributary to our creek. They have transformed the whole area… you can see how much trash had been dumped there, and what it looks like now: kingfishers, ducks and even elvers (baby eels). Astonishingly, after the clean-up, someone threw more rubbish in there, but they cleaned that up too. Let’s hope it stays sparkling from now onwards.

They have a FB group you can join: and there is a fundraiser to help pay for kingfisher nesting boxes, plants, etc.

Faversham Creek Trust