Faversham Swing Bridge

On Friday 26 March Helen Whately MP brought together representatives from Kent County Council, Faversham Town Council, the Faversham Society and the Faversham Creek Trust to discuss progress since their last meeting on 27 November 2020.

After Helen opened the meeting Kent County Council reported that they have completed most of the highways design work. This includes: an assessment of the abutments, outline design of the bridge and its structure plus the mitre and sluice gates. By the end of May/beginning of June they plan to have completed the highway preliminary design and ecology survey, including provision for eel migration.

The next steps include estimating the total costs of the works to get the bridge back into working order including dredging the creek, replacing the sluice gates and to confirming all funding sources.
Helen reported that Robert Courts, Maritime Minister, met with Peel Ports this week and has agreed to convene a conversation between KCC and Peel Ports to agree a way forward. KCC and the Town Council will work together for plans on how the bridge will be maintained and managed in the future.

All parties agreed this was the most positive meeting they have had yet, and they are looking forward to solving the challenges that still lie ahead together – and plan to meet again in May.

Faversham Creek Trust