Ottor and the Graveney Boat

The Creek Trust is proud to own Ottor, a half-length replica of the famous Graveney Boat. This Anglo-Saxon vessel – now dated to c 895AD – was found under 2 metres of soil in the Graveney marshes near Faversham in the early 1970s, and recognised as being of national significance. In an urgent rescue operation, she was carefully removed by the National Maritime Museum for conservation and stabilisation by the Mary Rose Trust.

On board was found evidence of hops and quern stones from the Rhine Valley, suggesting that she traded across the North Sea as well as coast-wise.

The replica boat, Ottor, was designed and built by Edwin Gifford in 1988.  Using this boat suggested that the original had a crew of four, and under sail could carry a five-ton cargo at 4 knots in Force 4 conditions.

Ottor was donated to the Faversham Creek Trust in March 2015 by the Gifford family in recognition of our work in the field of maritime heritage. We have taken Ottor by trailer to local primary schools in the summertime – a popular  event – and she has taken part in the parade at the town’s Transport Festivals on many occasions.